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    Is there a way to add value display override formula to a modulator?
    What i mean that i do not want to recalculate incoming midi valuies to dB for Example and calculate dB when I’m sending values. I need a overrided value display that will be calling LUA or method to display a value.

    The problem:

    I use generic method in LUA to assign midi values from cycle dump request to modulators from the range 0-16383. Values on device are displayed for example From -5.0 to 5.0 or from -200% to 200%.
    I have 127 modulators(and it can incarase to 16383) and when i need correct value display i need to add some LUA code to all modulators to correct update all values.

    To add a display value formulaproperty only for display value of the modulator on the panel. The modulators on the background will operate on values MS LS form 0 to 16383. Is this is possible?


    Treat Lua setValue as a MIDI modulatorValueExpressionReverse

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