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    well this one thru me for a loop.

    ver. 1137

    I created some tab objects. Two w/2 tabs and one with 3 tabs.

    When I first create them, the colors/names all seem to go/adjust where they are suppose to..
    Then I save/reload it and the colors/names have all swapped around.. when I try to adjust one tab’s color, it changes the other instead.. names are flipped around, tab0 has tab1’s name, etc.

    I figured a method to the madness to get things swapped around to work, but it’s a huge bug that should be looked into…

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    To add to strange tab behaviour:

    Modulators that are supposed to be inside a certain tab are assigned to a different tab upon re-opening a panel, also some modulators are moved outside of the tabs.
    Messed up my gui work i did this afternoon…..
    I have tried with locking size and position to no avail.
    Using ctrlr 5.0.3 rev 1102 nightly, since its the only one not crashing on me when trying to run ctrlr.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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