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    Hi, I’m new here and new to ctrlr (and any type of programming/designing/building in general). I’m building a panel for my Shruthi-1 and would like to have *one* set of envelope sliders for two envelopes. Is this possible? I tried using tabs but seems there’s a bug (running latest revision). Is there any way of doing this using the combo drop down box? Such as this:


    Any help appreciated! Thanks.

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    i don’t think so, what you are describing would be for the sliders to "memorize" the last
    positions they are in when you switch back and forth with the combo select button. Ctrlr does not support
    this kind of behavior in the modulators at this time, correct me if im wrong Atom.

    if the memorizing is not important, you might use a global variable, like k0

    make a combo button, assign 0 to it in the "modulator attached to global variable" field, that assigns the xx value to the global variable k0

    in the values box, put something like:

    ENV1 = 50
    ENV2 = 51
    ENV3 = 52

    the values 50 – 51 being the byte in the sysex string that distinguishes the envelopes.

    next, make the sliders for the ADSR like so:

    attack slider: F0 40 01 33 k0 xx F7

    this is just an example message, you would of course use the message that your synth responds to.

    good luck!

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    Thanks for the quick response! I’ll give what you suggested a try this afternoon.

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    user dnigrin here and on the shruthi forums have a mostly finished panel for the shruthi-1 already.

    I hadn’t even realized there was a global variable ability. This could be used for a workaround on some of my issues of combined controller values.

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    ohhhhh this opened up some big heavy doors. good thing I have monday off cause I’m gonna be a coding machine this weekend after finding this thread searching for how to use those global variables in the sysex editor.
    I really was beginning to put this panel on the sideburner after realizing the jp-8080 gives a different sysex value for every single knob depending on whether you’re in lower or upper. When it’s in lower AND upper it sends both different 13 byte messages so I’ll have to figure something out for that..

    again.. between atom’s incredible brain and the suggestions here which he has so receptively implemented, ctrlr’s progress and flexibility really never has seized to amaze me since I jumped on board. This is amazing software. I don’t really flinch that much when I think I’m at a brick wall cause I know there has got to be -some- way to get there from here, especially since ctrlr became Lua capable.

    Atom if you’re ever in the sf bay area let me buy you a round or two

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