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    I have a "midiReceived" script.
    From within this script, I get the 4th byte of the incoming message to find out the message ID.
    Then, depending on the message ID, I send one of three Lua scripts, not contained within the same midiReceived script.

    One of these three scripts called from within "midiReceived" has an error, or two or zillions… i know, i’m deving it. fine. The script that actually has the errors in it is called "receiveWCT"

    But when I open the panel, I get a lua error not on the "receiveWCT" script, but on the "midiReceived" script that calls it, with no indication that the error actually lies in an alltogether different script.

    Again not a big major deal but something to be aware of, and hopefully maybe one day make the error message more specific if possible.

    At least if we know about it, that helps interpret the error to help ppl better track it down.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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