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    My problem is understanding Sysex Formulas. I am having a hard time seeing what is in the manuals and how to interpret that. It seems they are all different.

    I’m looking at the K1R panel. For the Wave 1 Coarse slider the formula is:

    F0. 40. 0Y. 10. 00 03. 1C. Ms Ls. F7

    F0 Status got it. 40 Machine ID. Ok.
    In Atom’s excellent tutorial the next is machine ID. In my Kawai Midi Implementation it is channel number 0nH…in the formula above it’s 0Y. Machine ID in the manual is O3H.
    Next the tutorial says File Version 10…I don’t see that in manual.
    Program parameter 00…I understand the concept but I don’t see it. Is it Function number as per Kawai?
    Next Status but manual says Machine ID 03 (that does match the order in the implementation as well as the formula)?
    I don’t even understand the rest in Atoms tutorial there is 9 bytes and the formula has 10.

    Could someone please explain the formula to me and how to find it in the Kawai manual. If I see one reverse engineered, so to speak, I will probably understand.


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