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    Hello gentlemen, please help me out with some issues I encounter or point me to the place where I can find answers, as I can’t find anywhere a user manual, unfortunately. I have some questions, some more important some less.

    Routing/Setup: Midi Keyboard -> DAW(Reaper, on primary card) -> Midi Yoke -> Ctrlr (as VST plugin, with secondary card as an output device) -> Yamaha TX81Z -> (sound to primary card) DAW

    1) For some unknown to me reasons I can’t use my primary card (Focursite Saffire) in DAW and as an output device simultaneously. It says that it can’t open it within Ctlrl. Any idea what might cause this? Because my secondary card, if I am not mistaken, was working ok by itself with DAW and Ctrlr..

    2) How do I import/change/save/etc. presets? All options listed under the Programs menu seem to do nothing at all. Only MIDI library opens, where I try to upload my .syx file with no success and I can’t get program banks from the device. This is a very important question 🙂

    3) After a short period of time when I start tweaking knobs on the panel, I receive a MIDI BUFFER FULL message on the screen of Yamaha. It lets me continue, but I don’t see values being changed, for example (btw, it would be great to see values in Ctlrl too)

    4) There are Plugin options under MIDI tab, I’d like to know what are they for, just curious..

    And, btw, very wonderful software you are doing!

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    I would like to know also how to save presets with ctrlr !
    Maybe I’m a bit stupid but the fact that some menu entries are not implemented is just confusing.
    What is working is to make snapshots. Is it the way to save presets ?
    If so, what is the use of the program banks 0..N ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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