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    some more elementary questions:
    could someone offer some definition of these – i don’t know
    what ‘bootstrap’ means, for example -, and give a brief
    rundown of what happens as a panel loads (or a link to
    where this may have been discussed here)
    ie: the sequence of events, from intial ‘run’ of the program
    (or an instance etc.) up to the point where the panel/instance etc.
    is fully loaded and ready to use.

    i am using

    -- This stops issues during panel bootup
    if panel:getRestoreState() ==true or panel:getProgramState() ==true then return end

    wherever i want to prevent something from activating when the panel starts,
    (also see it without ‘==true’. i’m assuming that’s the same?) and see some
    variations on this, referring to bootstrap state, and also some methods
    doing things before the panel has loaded. so a quick rundown of these
    operations would be helpful. thanks.(layman’s version !! ;o) )

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    FYI, I’m just busy to make my first VST versions of my panels and had the problem that no Lua code was launched as dll. Spent the whole afternoon reading the forum about VST preparation.
    Found the issue then found different posts on the forum and adding the following info.

    I discovered that we should not have getProgramState() in the condition in the isPanelReady function.
    Removing that and thus only using
    if panel:getBootstrapState() == false and bPanelLoaded == true then
    solves the issue.

    I will search further in the forum about the meaning of getProgramState().
    All the startup phase of a panel is still a bit cryptic even if I understand it more and more.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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