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    Hi All,
    I am new here so I am just learning Ctrlr.
    And to clarify, I am NOT a programmer. I am a guitarist working on a panel for my V-Amp Pro. The program that Behringer had doesn’t work on newer computers anymore so this is my hope to resurrect my V-Amp.
    Anyways, I have most of the panel done and can send and receive CCs.
    The V-Amp has a CC(80) to send all it’s CC so I can get an upload of a patch from it easily.
    The V-Amp also uses Sysex to send and receive patches however, so I am working on that part as well.

    I started playing with the Snapshot tool which in theory is what I would really prefer.
    I want to leave the original patches in V-Amp alone.
    I would like to modify them then store them in Ctrlr (on PC) in a library.
    Then, when I need to, recall the patch from the library and send to V-Amp as a temporary over-write of current patch.

    It looks like this could work with snapshots, but I think there is a bug…
    I can save the panel snapshot no problem. I can send it to the V-Amp but as soon as it loads into the V-Amp my panel seems to see the changes and resend it’s current CCs (which are different than what is in the library patch) immediately back to the V-Amp.

    It seems like the library patch needs to be loaded into the panel first then sent to the V-Amp. I think if it was loaded into the panel, the panel will immediately send it to the V-Amp so maybe the second step is unnecessary.

    Please, if anyone has any feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it.
    If I can solve this issue I think my panel will be mostly complete and usable.
    I will post it on Ctrlr website when complete.


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    Uncheck Panel edit -> MIDI -> Panel Snapshot after load

    Or send your panel and I will check what is the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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