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    Am I dreaming or did there used to be a layout for the supernova II? I Live in hope =)

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    do it by your self… u can take the a-station as start point <img loading=” title=”Smile” />
    play one day with the ctrlr edit mode and investigate 2-3 days for the panel ….and your dream comes true <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

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    Cheers Widy, I did have a quick look at the editor, I didnt get that far with it.

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    for shure the a station did not work for the supernova
    should only be a start point for the supernova 2 …so the moste parameters are on the gui
    -just add the missing from the supernova
    -edit all parameters and devine the right nprn or cc
    -edit just the mod definition list in source to sysex exchange …. the rest of the source should work out of the box without changing

    if u need help and u have skype u can contact me …. i can show it for one parameter .. the rest is alwayse the same
    lg widy

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    I would appreciate that a lot Widy. I will pm you to see when you have some free time.

    All the best

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    jo feel free to pm me .. i have alwayse time <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> .
    but i did a short look at the super nova manual … and it will be a hard work many parameter

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    I will for sure, just real busy with work at the moment, havent had time to play with new stuff for ages =(
    Theres is nothing like jumping in at the deep end!

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    This panel exist in old old version on ctrlr hosted in google code but the poryect was deleted

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    • ★★★★★

    This looks simple (if all that is are the parameters in the old v4 version). The XML file is still there and the source for the old Ctrlr is still there i just deleted the binaries
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <controller name="Novation – Supernova II">
    <group name="Oscillator 1">
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Semitone" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Shape" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Octave" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1MixLevel" type="cc" number="28" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1FineTune" type="cc" number="11" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Soften" type="cc" number="13" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Sync" type="cc" number="49" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1PulseWidth" type="cc" number="22" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Lfo1Pitch" type="cc" number="21" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Lfo1Width" type="cc" number="46" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Lfo1Sync" type="cc" number="55" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Lfo2Width" type="cc" number="69" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Env2Pitch" type="cc" number="20" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Env2Width" type="cc" number="43" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Env2Sync" type="cc" number="52" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Env2Mix" type="cc" number="36" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Env2Soften" type="cc" number="61" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc1Env3Pitch" type="cc" number="66"/>

    <group name="Oscillator 2">
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Semitone" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Shape" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Octave" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2MixLevel" type="cc" number="29" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2FineTune" type="cc" number="23" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Soften" type="cc" number="14" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Sync" type="cc" number="50" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2PulseWidth" type="cc" number="27" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Lfo1Pitch" type="cc" number="26" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Lfo1Width" type="cc" number="47" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Lfo1Sync" type="cc" number="56" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Lfo2Width" type="cc" number="70" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Env2Pitch" type="cc" number="25" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Env2Width" type="cc" number="44" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Env2Sync" type="cc" number="53" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Env2Mix" type="cc" number="37" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Env2Soften" type="cc" number="62" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc2Env3Pitch" type="cc" number="67"/>

    <group name="Oscillator 3">
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Semitone" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Shape" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Octave" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3MixLevel" type="cc" number="33" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3FineTune" type="cc" number="12" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Soften" type="cc" number="15" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Sync" type="cc" number="51" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3PulseWidth" type="cc" number="42" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Lfo1Pitch" type="cc" number="41" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Lfo1Width" type="cc" number="48" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Lfo1Sync" type="cc" number="57" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Lfo2Width" type="cc" number="71" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Env2Pitch" type="cc" number="40" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Env2Width" type="cc" number="45" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Env2Sync" type="cc" number="54" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Env2Mix" type="cc" number="38" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Env2Soften" type="cc" number="63" />
    <modulator name="snvOsc3Env3Pitch" type="cc" number="68"/>

    <group name="Global 1">
    <modulator name="snvNoiseMixLevel" type="cc" number="30" />
    <modulator name="snvNoiseSoftenLevel" type="cc" number="24" />
    <modulator name="snvNoiseMixEnv2" type="cc" number="39" />
    <modulator name="snvRingModMix" type="cc" number="4" />
    <modulator name="snvPortaTime" type="cc" number="5" />
    <modulator name="snvEffectMorph" type="cc" number="8" />

    <modulator name="snvPortaType" type="nrpn_korg" number="0" />
    <modulator name="snvUnison" type="nrpn_korg" number="100" />
    <modulator name="snvUnisonDetune" type="nrpn_korg" number="1656" />
    <modulator name="snvFxBypass" type="nrpn_korg" number="2936" />
    <modulator name="snvFxDryLevel" type="nrpn_korg" number="97" />
    <modulator name="snvVocoderBalance" type="nrpn_korg" number="102" />
    <modulator name="snvGlobalMasterTune" type="nrpn_korg" number="116" />
    <modulator name="snvEqBass" type="nrpn_korg" number="108" />
    <modulator name="snvEqTreb" type="nrpn_korg" number="107" />

    <group name="LFO 1">
    <modulator name="snvLfo1Range" type="nrpn_korg" number="1" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo1Shape" type="nrpn_korg" number="1" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo1Sync" type="nrpn_korg" number="110" />

    <modulator name="snvLfo1Speed" type="cc" number="16" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo1SpeedEnv3" type="cc" number="80" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo1Delay" type="cc" number="17" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo1Offset" type="cc" number="82" />

    <group name="LFO 2">
    <modulator name="snvLfo2Range" type="nrpn_korg" number="1" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo2Shape" type="nrpn_korg" number="1" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo2Sync" type="nrpn_korg" number="110" />

    <modulator name="snvLfo2Speed" type="cc" number="18" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo2SpeedEnv3" type="cc" number="81" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo2Delay" type="cc" number="19" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo2Offset" type="cc" number="83" />

    <group name="Envelope 1">
    <modulator name="snvEnv1Attack" type="cc" number="108" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv1Decay" type="cc" number="109" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv1Sustain" type="cc" number="111" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv1Release" type="cc" number="110" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv1Velocity" type="cc" number="104" />

    <group name="Envelope 2">
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Attack" type="cc" number="114" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Decay" type="cc" number="115" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Sustain" type="cc" number="116" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Release" type="cc" number="117" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Velocity" type="cc" number="118" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Delay" type="cc" number="113" />

    <group name="Envelope 3">
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Attack" type="cc" number="75" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Decay" type="cc" number="76" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Sustain" type="cc" number="77" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Release" type="cc" number="78" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Velocity" type="cc" number="79" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Delay" type="cc" number="74" />

    <group name="Effects">
    <modulator name="snvDelaySendLevel" type="cc" number="92" />
    <modulator name="snvDelayTime" type="cc" number="101" />
    <modulator name="snvDelayFeedback" type="cc" number="102" />
    <modulator name="snvDelayHFDamp" type="cc" number="103" />
    <modulator name="snvReverbSendLevel" type="cc" number="91" />
    <modulator name="snvReverbDecay" type="cc" number="95" />
    <modulator name="snvReverbType" type="cc" number="100" />
    <modulator name="snvReverbHFDamp" type="cc" number="96" />
    <modulator name="snvReverbModWheel" type="cc" number="84" />
    <modulator name="snvChorusSend" type="cc" number="93" />
    <modulator name="snvChorusSpeed" type="cc" number="87" />
    <modulator name="snvChorusFeedback" type="cc" number="89" />
    <modulator name="snvChorusModDepth" type="cc" number="88" />
    <modulator name="snvChorusModWheel" type="cc" number="94" />
    <modulator name="snvDistortionLevel" type="cc" number="90" />
    <modulator name="snvDistortionModWheel" type="cc" number="58" />

    <modulator name="snvDelaySync" type="nrpn_korg" number="100" />
    <modulator name="snvDelayRatio" type="nrpn_korg" number="109" />

    <group name="Filter">
    <modulator name="snvFreq" type="cc" number="105" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo1Freq" type="cc" number="60" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo2Freq" type="cc" number="35" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Freq" type="cc" number="107" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Freq" type="cc" number="59" />
    <modulator name="snvFilterTracking" type="cc" number="34" />
    <modulator name="snvResonance" type="cc" number="106" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo1Res" type="cc" number="73" />
    <modulator name="snvLfo2Res" type="cc" number="86" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv2Res" type="cc" number="72" />
    <modulator name="snvEnv3Res" type="cc" number="85" />
    <modulator name="snvFilterOverdrive" type="cc" number="104" />

    <group name="Global 2">
    <modulator name="snvPartProgVol" type="cc" number="7" />
    <modulator name="snvPan" type="cc" number="10" />
    <modulator name="snvBreath" type="cc" number="2" />
    <modulator name="snvModWheel" type="cc" number="1" />
    <modulator name="snvArpPattern" type="cc" number="3" />
    <modulator name="snvArpSpeed" type="cc" number="9" />

    <modulator name="snvMidiClock" type="nrpn_korg" number="1" />
    <modulator name="snvArpSync" type="nrpn_korg" number="110" />
    <modulator name="snvArpRange" type="nrpn_korg" number="109" />
    <modulator name="snvArpToggle" type="nrpn_korg" number="1" />



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    Hi atom , hi all
    i’m Paul from italy this is my firs post <img loading=” title=”Smile” />
    in desperation to find an editor for the supernova II , google brought me here.
    compliments for the project , very interesting !
    please is possible to have the supernova II panel ?
    please , please <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


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    what does the XML file do exactly and how would I go about using it?

    I’d love to get my old supernova II up and running again. the data entry knob is so worn out that programming via the front panel is almost impossible now!


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    I can’t find a sysex parameter list for the supernova 2
    Which makes it very difficult to get the panel work completely I guess.

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