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    I think what would really help efforts like CTRLR, TouchOSC, etc would be if we had a standard way of mapping the features of a synth. Image an XML Document schema standard called Synth Map. It would contain things like:
    How many oscillators are available to MIDI/OSC control ?
    Are they audio/LFO or both ?
    How do you address each oscillator via NRPN ?
    What does each increment in change value relate to in Hz ?
    What destinations are available for each LFO ?
    How many filters are in the system ? What are their characteristics ?
    How many envelope generators ?

    If there was a standard way of describing these things, then we could build a database of synth characteristics that would be usable by any application knew how to read the XML Document schema.

    Thoughts ? Ideas ?


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    I thought of this when i started Ctrlr in the first place, but there is no standard. Some DTDs exist for some parts of the MIDI protocol, but those don’t help at all. No software/hardware manufacturer came up with anything useful. OSC is getting nowhere (i know of 1 device that is using it). If someone can point me to something that can be useful in this matter i’ll be more than glad to implement some kind of standard, but since i found none, i didn’t.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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