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    Hello guys and girls,

    I am trying to make the Roland m-vs1 panel working in Ableton.

    I am able to change programs but that is it.

    My midi is going out thru a Tascam US122-mkII to a Roland A-880 midi patch bay.

    My Roland m-vs1 is on midi channel 3

    Using an old thread I found, I set things up as follows :
    Deactivate Track/Sync/Remote for both my Tascam’s midi in and out in Ableton
    Choose Tascam midi channel 3 in Ctrlr for Input, Controller and Output device.

    In MIDI / Midi Thru I activate ‘Plugin Host to output device’
    In MIDI / Plugin Options I check Input from Plugin Host / Output to Plugin Host

    At the very bottom of the MIDI section I set Input and Output channel to 3.

    If I wiggle any knob non-stop , the sound cuts which I guess is good as it means the sysex is flowing. Like I said I can change programs but that’s it. My Roland m-vs1 is set to receive sysex.

    Anyone sees something obvious I am missing ? Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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