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    Hi everybody,
    I work on a set of 59 algos each assigned to a tab in a uiTabs modulator.
    But I figured that you can’t display and put modulators inside a tab above Index 50.
    It makes no sens since you can assign a value “owner’s tab Index” from 0 to 127.

    I tried with Ctrlr 5.3.163 and 5.3.198 on a macOs mojave.

    is this bug known?
    Is it working on a PC with the latest update?


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    • Topics: 14
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    Alright I experimented a little bit and found out that some tabs were not referenced because I did not need them.

    Let’s say i have algo 1, algo 2, 3 , 5 , 7
    each one is assigned to a tab like tab 1 for algo 1, tab 2 for algo 2, tab 3 for algo 3 and tab 5 for algo 5…
    BUT tab index 4 is not assigned, then the tab 5 for algo 5 becomes tab 4.
    Thats a trick to know.

    So I created tabs from 0 to 59 even if some are not used and it works!

    take care

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    • ★★★

    Do you really need 59 tabs for 59 algos? Don’t know your goal 😉
    Do you need all algos and info at once?

    If not, then just create one button to scroll through the algos and adapt the content of a single tab according to the selected algo.
    You will have to store the values of each modulator for each algo but this is also easy and can be done in different ways (for example, table for each mod with index 1-59 then you retrieve the value based on the algo number).
    So, populate that single tab with the max needed then enable/disable acc. to the needs of each algo.
    Easy to do, much more efficient BUT MUCH EASIER to maintain afterwards!

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    I answered already but it’s awaiting for moderation.

    Well, thanks goodweather for your reply. That’s an excellent idea, I was thinking about that at the beginning but I’m not sure about my LUA skills and opted for the more static way of dealing pots banks. Not that sure now that’s a good idea.
    I’ll check the “dynamic” method this weekend with 30 fixed modulator knobs and assign them some values (name, min max midi value, method calculation etc) depending on the algo set or received from the Edit Buffer dump from the Unit.

    I will probably need some help with that later on. But you are right, it’s more script based with various statements but after all it’s not 30potsx59algos and values to create and to assign the unit values to. Thanks!

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    thanks goodweather, this is an excellent idea, I thought about that at the beginning, but I am not sure about how to assign algo parameter names, min max values, value method calculation (positive integer, signed integer, fractions, 16bit word etc) in tables for each and every parameters depending their bytes offset in the received sysex.
    I have to store the values, and translate them to ctrlr modulator values with a huge global method.

    They have to refresh everytime the algo value change or one of the 4 different DSP is selected this is a lot of statements to set.
    If this is possible that would be definitely the way to go I would only have 10 to 30 pots and the would change their behaviour and name according to the algos in the Buffer Edit sysex dump.
    Also some algos have 1 parameter, some have 20 so if only one, the 19 others have to hide.
    This is pro script 🙂

    To sum up, 59 algos, 10 commons parameters, and, 1 to 20 dedicated paramaters with variable calculation method (signed int., int, frac, signed frac, table, etc)

    Let me think about that this weekend, because If I go down this route I’ll need some help later on 🙂

    Is this kind of script already implemented on a panel I can check the code on?

    I attached my panel GUI with 2 different algos for unit 1. You’ll get an idea.
    DP4 algo ex 1
    DP4 algo ex 2

    thanks for your help Goodweather

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