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    This is my first post here so hi and thanks for making this great software

    I am currently trying to make a panel for korg monologue
    I managed to make a slider change parameter on the monologue by sending midi CC, it works great but i have some questions:
    -how to update the slider in ctrlr when i move the knob on the synth? are there any ressources for that?
    -values in the lcd screen on the synth does not display

    I did try a minilogue existing panel (base midi CC,s seems to be the same) but sliders are not updating either in this one

    Would be great if you could point me to ressources to do that


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    I’m developing a panel for a Six-trak from Sequential Circuits. It’s a very nice process to see a values on your display change while you ask for a different program/patch.

    What I need to make it work: (It does not work fully for now but values in the synth are visible on my panel.)

    step 1: Get the midi implementation of the Monologue.
    step 2: make sure you know midi (a byte… I mean a bit)
    step 3: get your synth to send program data (and program change) over midi
    step 4: make sure you can store the received data from the synth and process it.
    step 5: the data has to be given ( panel:getModulatorByName(k):setModulatorValue(n, false, false, false)
    ) to a panel component.

    What step do you wish to get support on? It’s a very cool process; I endorse you to continue and get it done!


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    You will have to put the Korg Monologue in “Global Edit Mode” (p.28 in the manual). When put in global edit mode, check the settings which are described at page 42/43 (Button 6 and 7) in the manual that deal with receiving and sending midi/ sysex to and from the synth. This might solve some problems when not getting any data from or to your synth. Also check the settings under “Midi” in CTRLR, they should match.

    Then on page 46 in the manual, there’s the “All Dump” (Button 15) which gives you all the parameters in system exclusives in one dump. Download the midi implementation (It’s not in the manual..) from the next addres: https://www.korg.com/us/support/download/manual/0/733/4231/

    and that’s when the fun begins..

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    Hello and welcome to CTRLR.

    Take a look at this link:

    what do you need to know in order to make panels?

    Scroll down to msg #34128, DEC 23, 2014. There you’ll find a great source of info on pulling data from a MIDI message, as well for sending MIDI patches.

    Follow the advice other people suggested to work out the MIDI implementation for your synth.

    Also, to know if your synth is sending out data, use the MIDI Monitor ( CTRLR Toools menu) built into CTRLR. Be sure to activate Monitor Input (and Monitor Output) in the Monitor VIEW menu. It’s a valuable tool for debugging.

    Good luck with your project.

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