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    Think need your help, I’m little bit confused. 🙂
    And thanks for the really nice work, can’t realize what’s all possible !

    Seeing all your nice Panels, and read you are using them controlling setting on your Hardware
    and a clear look as the User like, not only the manufactor. Hope I’m right, until here..

    What I like to see is something else, I think, but I do not know how to combine DAW, Ctrlr and the VSTs.

    So this is what I really like to implement in my Setup, rightnow without Ctrlr or something similar I’m not satisfied.

    The DAW I’m using is Cockos Reaper, the VSTi NI Massive. I’m using a Novation ZeRO SL Mk2 and a Behringer BCR 2000. Both are connected over USB, the ZeRO is loading a “Automap”-Profile.
    In “Automap” we can fine tune parameters transmited, like changing the Pitches in Massive precisely only one cent.

    .. and I really miss this for the BCR2000. (Or don’t know how to do, this time.)
    And I also like to see a Dashboard , like “Automap” will do.

    What I have done :

    – Setting up both Controller, ZeRO and BCR, in Reaper. (IN/OUT)
    – Create a Track and load NI Massive as FX.
    – Load in the same Track Ctrlr as FX. (Move it to the first position)
    – In Ctrlr I create a Panel, do not setup anything in MIDI.
    – Put in one modulator, and setup MIDI for that knob with Ch 2 and CC 0.
    – Setup one BCR knob using Ch 1 and CC 0.
    – Running Panel Mode in Ctrlr, I’m using Reaper Learn to assign that modulator in Ctrlr with the BCR.

    What I can see :

    “Ctrlr/MIDI Monitor” shows MIDI-In on Ch 1, but MIDI-Out not on Ch 2, but on the channel setup in MIDI->Output->Channel, default is 1.

    So this is my question :

    – Is this the right way I want to use Ctrlr?
    – Do I have to use Reaper Learn for Ctrlr (BCR) and the VSTi (Ctrlr)?
    – Is there a better way using Ctrlr Standalone?

    Hope you all can understand my question..

    Thanks in advance!

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    If I understand it right you want to control Massive with the BCR-2000. I don’t think Ctrlr makes sense for this purpose. Better setup the BCR-2000 correctly in order to control Massive instead of an in-between app that would try to correct wrong commands. To set up the BCR-2000 there are apps like this one:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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