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    human fly
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    i have some combo dropdown lists, that work in Ctrlr as editor,
    but do nothing, remain fixed, in the exported *.exe instance.
    some work, others don’t. i’ve checked through properties, but
    nothing seems wrong. i’ve brought the modulators ‘to front’.

    other combos elsewhere on the panel work fine.

    i can only think that one tabs group has a transparent part
    overlapping where those combos are. – but they work ‘locked’
    in Panel mode ticked/unticked.

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    human fly
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    further investigation on this:
    a row of combos don’t work after i draft the exe.
    they are ‘frozen’, do nothing.
    other combos in different places work.

    so: i copied one of the working ones, renamed, gave
    it the list the other one has, and put it where the
    non-working one was. that one, i moved to another area
    on the group. both working at this stage: panel mode.
    then: i redraft the exe – and now the new combo, in the
    old position doesn’t work, and the old combo, moved to
    another position DOES work.

    ok, so: my positioning looks ok. i’ve tried ‘snap'(resolution
    4 units), off-snap (adjusted numerically by -2 units), no
    difference. i tried re-sizing the combo, no difference.
    i tried moving it a bit further from the edge, bringing it
    ‘to front’, no difference. …what is going on?

    (also: my combos normally load with a selection, i have been
    getting them start up with ‘no selection’ – although this is
    quickly remedied as the list is still there)

    any rules to observe with combos that i’m missing ?
    tricks? i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the combo
    parameters, i think it is to do with its position on the
    panel/within the group.

    human fly
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    ok so i moved the non-working combo further up on the Group,
    resaved/exported the instance, and it now works as it should/
    *it appears that:

    the combo will only work if a certain percentage of its dropdown
    area is clear of the bottom edge of the group.

    this is just my deduction, estimation.

    this can’t be right. i would call it a bug.
    you need to be able to position combos where you can, even if
    the list drops down over the edge of its containing group.

    now: is there anything i’ve overlooked? i’m going back to check
    over again if there is any dimension that is causing this.

    nb: i have had problems with modulator sizes before, in relation
    to title size and alignment – lots of options and possibilities
    there ! each behaves a bit differently, left right, top centre etc.

    human fly
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    another post, cz i’ve thought of something:

    the combo Group is above a Tabs, and in the Tabs transparent area,
    so they must end up behind it. but i thought i’d dealt with this
    already sending things ‘to front’, in order. i’m a bit anxious
    about sending my main Tabs ‘to back’ in case they disappear behind
    everything(..) – but i’ll give that a go. i think this could be
    the problem.

    edit: no: that didn’t work.
    i thought of using a layer, but that could be complicated.
    i would rather do it the way i’m doing it now.

    it is a shame that the empty part next to tabs seems to
    disable combos crossing over onto it. visually, it looks
    ok – and i don’t want a big empty strip there. my option
    would have to be to put the Tabs at the bottom, which i’m
    not sure about visually. or maybe to the side? …

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    human fly
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    ok, i resolved this, as much as i can: the problem
    is when you overlap a combo under the transparent
    part of a UITab, and the mouse can’t get to it.
    i rearranged the group/container above the UITab,
    and other modulator types seem more tolerant of
    having some of their space covered: they have value
    and label areas, so you don’t need that clickable.

    solved. although atom might like to think about
    ‘send to front/back’ being able to over come this.
    it doesn’t at present, i tried.
    also maybe some signifier in Properties pane to
    indicate the front/back state? not essential.

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