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The main criterion is one – how much this site helps to solve the user’s problem. If you are interested in something more specific, say, what word and how often to use in the text to get to the first positions of search results – there is no such “main criterion”. The quality of the site is largely subjective and is associated with the assessment of the one who consumes it – the user.

The whole difficulty of search algorithms is that there are many opinions and they are all different. Different tasks can be behind the same query formulations. For example, by request [legend # 17], one user is interested in the cinema schedule, while another is interested in movie reviews. Yandex Search is able to understand and respond to such a variety of interests using Spectrum technologies and intent search. Therefore, even within the framework of one request, the criteria for assessing the quality of the site may differ depending on which intent it responds to. If you live in Toronto, then approach the seo company Toronto for consultancy.

Complete SEO of Website

A snippet is a snippet and a place is a place. Today, ranking takes into account only the site’s ability to solve the user’s search problem, and not the beauty of his snippet. Although these are related things and sooner or later the system will become more complicated. A high-quality “island” snippet helps to solve problems faster without going to the site, which means, other things being equal, there may be reasons to show it above.

On the other hand, even now, a better-quality structured snippet, all other things being equal (site position, brand strength), attracts more visitors, and among these visitors there are more non-random ones who have a good idea of ​​why they go to the site.

Parameters of Ranking

A significant part of “5 Secrets” was devoted to the content and usability of the site. Experts gave various advice on how to improve these parameters. For example, because you need to rely on audiovisual, not texts. According to experts, sites need videos, various online services like calculators and “toys”, the use of formatting is analogous to text layout in print media. All this only attracts the user or does it affect the ranking?

Anything that helps the user in solving the problem indicated by the query should influence the ranking. If it turns out that some functionality of the site that helps the user still does not help in ranking the site, we will consider this our problem.

Making connections in Content Pieces

Instead of low-quality link mass and black SEO that won’t even make you bots validated, go for link building and crowd marketing. How it works? Publish interesting posts, connect with interesting and popular people, recommend yourself on all kinds of forums and presentations. You must advertise, leave a link to your site on third-party resources.

Users trust services, which are advised to contact not through banal advertising with stars, but quite real people with believable stories from life. If this is new to you, see how competitors do it and do it better. That’s all.

“Study, study and study again!”

Without development, collection of statistics and metrics, analysis of competitors’ success, reputation management will not work. As regrettable as it may sound. You can’t make a website forever – it doesn’t work. This is not how it works. This is your image, quick communication with the outside world, this is your company. Competitors are changing their promotion strategy – react. There are new resources from Yandex or Google, marketplaces or other platforms – you must take the parking first. Caring search engines will select only useful, constantly updated resources to the top. Without development, even with an excellent result at the beginning and issuance in your site in the TOP, you will gradually be forgotten. Nobody canceled work on themselves. Get better every day! baton rouge seo can help in ranking of website.

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