Here is What You Need to Know Before Joining Work in Dubai

We all know about the perfect work-leisure life in Dubai. It exists because of the rules and regulations laid out by the UAE Labour law. It works to deliver an adequate work environment to its employees and employers that greatly increases productivity.

Under Dubai labour law, the rights of the labour are fully assured. As a result, prospective people who want to earn are attracted to work here and earn great revenues.

While you might also be a part of this league of expatriates, with plans to settle in Dubai for work purposes, here are some important things that you need to know about your legal rights.

Right to Annual Leave

All the workers are entitled to apply for national leaves. These leaves are spread across the year and come with full payment. Some of these occasions include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Islamic New Year
  • 2 days of Eid al Fitr
  • 4 days of Eid al Adha and Arafat Day
  • 2 days for the National Day
  • 1 day for Commemoration Day

In addition to this, employees get annual leaves for every year of service. However, certain terms apply. For instance, an employee will get a leave of 2 days for each month if employed for at least 6 months and 1 year at most. For employees working for more than a year, the annual leaves increase to thirty days for each year.

However, if the service of the worker terminates, they get annual leave of the fractions of the last years. Therefore, be mindful of the number of holidays written in the contract.

Another major benefit of working in Dubai is that employees are timely paid on a working day and at the work side, in national currency. This payment is to be made at least once every month.

Regular Pay

During the employment time, the employer cannot force the employee to purchase their products. It is at the employee’s discretion of how they want to spend their money, where they want to shop etc.

Maternity Leave is Mandatory

Under the UAE Labour Law, female employees can get maternity leave of 45 days. This is clearly stated in Federal Law No.8, Article No. 30, and is mandatory to follow. This paid leave includes a period preceding and following the confinement. However, conditions apply to it. She has to be in her service for a continuous period of at least one year. But, if she has been working for less than a year, then she will get maternity leave with half pay.

Passport Remains with You

An employer cannot ask the employee to keep the passport with them for custody, without any written custody. Neither can they terminate the employee for not surrendering the passport. Rather it should always be kept with the employee, as it is their legal right to have ownership over their passport at all times.

Employer Bears the Cost of Residency Visa

UAE Labour law bears all expenses of the visa. Neither does the employee have to pay them, nor reimburse them. The visa costs and sponsorships are all the responsibilities of the employer. Regardless of how or why the contract terminates, the employee is not liable to pay any of it. If any company has tried to charge the employees for the visa costs have been charged and punished by law.

Work Hours

The number of working hours for all the employees is 8 hours per day. This adds up to become forty-eight hours a week. These hours can sometimes increase to nine hours a day for employees of trade, security, cafeterias, and other jobs. However, these are made by virtue of a decision from the Ministry of Labour. Employees can work for nine hours if it is mentioned, else it’s 8 hours a day for everyone. In addition to this, the working hours are reduced by 2 hours in Ramadan.

Apart from this, the travel time from the residence to the workplace is separate and does not add in these work hours.

Together, these laws and regulations have helped strengthen the work environment. If there is a breach of any law, the employee can take help from the lawyers in Dubai. they will work to get the best possible compensation for the employee’s loss. Such perks and advantages are a major attraction for the expatriates who choose to come and work in the UAE. So, make sure you read these rules before coming here!

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