How AI-driven digital transformation creates new opportunities for aspirants

Artificial Intelligence, the very phrase strikes amazement and reverence in the hearts of young computer science graduates and every tech-savvy youngster for that matter. We honestly had not expected to associate AI with our daily existence so soon. The stuff of science fiction has come true.

Businesses across the world, however, are deriving more than just amusement from the development of AI. They are keen on using it in every way possible to build and adopt more profitable processes. So, let us discover how businesses are riding the digital transformation bandwagon with the help of AI and how aspirants undergoing AI courses can benefit from this evolution. 

AI as a critical digital transformation driver

In a survey by McKinsey, responding businesses from different industries attributed 20% or more of their revenue to AI adoption. Now, this is pretty impressive as an average figure. AI adoption has peaked during the pandemic situation, and it will have an upward curve for the foreseeable future.

Some vital aspects of digital transformation are cyber security, unified control over different processes, real-time data processing. AI helps in each of these aspects. Hence, there is a wide range of fields where AI professionals can fit perfectly.

If we take manufacturing companies as an instance, automation for repetitive processes is quite apparent. But other than that, there are plenty of use cases that often escape our knowledge.

  • AI is effectively used to anticipate machine malfunctions.
  • It can help optimize logistics and distribution.
  • AI can help manage the workforce better and ensure the successful use of resources.

From financial management to human capital management to inventory optimization, every business function has a use case for artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a whole, AI adoption eases up the process of digitization. 

The data-AI relationship

Saying that artificial intelligence is a gift of the data revolution is not far from the truth. The idea of AI had germinated around the mid-twentieth century, way before the invention of the floppy disc. The domestication and democratization of AI have everything to do with the accessibility and usability of data, along with incremental computational prowess.

Now, as each business is increasingly keen on utilizing data assets for process enhancement, AI is playing the part of an enabler.

Knowledge workers can’t sift through hundreds of gigabytes worth of information to draw patterns. They need the assistance of AI to discern patterns in data. AI can play a prescriptive role when it comes to business process enhancement.

Let us say your product has incurred negative reviews from a particular section of the consumers. You can use natural language processing to find out those reviews without reading every one of them. You must have noticed that the Google play store lets you view positive and negative reviews separately; that is AI at work, right there.

As companies are leaning towards enterprise-wide data literacy and effective data governance practices, AI is coming more and more into play. 

How to get a piece of it?

There has not been a better time to start a career in artificial intelligence. There are many different roles that you can assume. The question is, where to start?

You, being an AI aspirant, must already be aware of the technologies that feed the discipline. Machine learning, for instance, is one of the primary subsets of AI.

You can start by focusing on machine learning while polishing your programming skills. Learning Python is a good idea.

Once you have got the basics of machine learning down, You can master transfer learning that helps you build new neural networks based on older foundations.

The moment you enter the learning curve, you will realize that there are different paths to achieve everything, and your choice must concur with the current industry trends. It is also imperative to develop a sense for future developments because someone who can handle brand new tech can become an invaluable asset for software development company.

Bottom line

Time has posited you ideally for a career in the most anticipated technology ever, artificial intelligence. Businesses are finding new use cases for AI every day. AI adoption is spreading like wildfire, and one of the main hurdles companies face presently is the lack of skilled personnel to deploy machine learning models and neural networks.

You can use the situation to your advantage by undergoing an AI course that prepares you for the industry. Put your learning hat on and get on board the AI bandwagon.

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