How Can I Have Fun with Mobile Devices When Playing Games?

Playing mobile games is a favorite pastime for many people. Mobile has been an increasingly popular platform for games in recent years, and with the development of new technology, mobile games have become more complex and intriguing.

However, not everyone can play well on their phones because some people lack the relevant knowledge and skills to make good use of the touch screen device.

Most people might think that playing mobile games is easy if you download them from App Store or Google Play. But most of them do not know how to play well when they complete the installation process. In addition, playing a game requires good coordination between hands and eyes which is quite difficult for anyone who lacks relevant expertise.

In our era when technology is developing rapidly, many people want to learn the skills and knowledge about how to play games well by themselves. The following paragraphs contain some basic information for beginners who want to get better at playing mobile games.

● Use both hands to play games

First, you need to understand the touch screen device’s operating method.

The most important thing is that we only need one hand to operate a smartphone or tablet computer while we can use two hands while playing other kinds of game consoles like Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

But this does not mean that these devices are easy to handle. You must pay attention when holding your phone since it requires good coordination between eyes and hands in order to make accurate operations on the small screen such as drawing lines by tracing the finger across the screen.

Your eyes should always concentrate on the screen when moving your hands to ensure accuracy.

Try not to move your hands away from the device’s touch surface which means that you should avoid turning or pushing buttons while you are playing a game. These kinds of unnecessary actions can cause errors and may even result in failing the game because of a lack of accuracy.

● Keep your eyes focused on the screen at all times

Second, it is necessary to keep your eyes focused on the screen all the time when playing mobile games since they are very small in size. This requirement does not only mean visibility but also implies visibility distance for users who have different visual characteristics.

● Do not stay too close or too far

Some people might misunderstand this issue, believing it is important to be able to see every little detail on the screen when playing mobile games because they want to get high scores. In fact, playing a mobile game mainly relies on hand-eye coordination and accuracy rather than focusing on some details on the screen. If you have poor visual acuity, it is better to choose games with easy-to-see graphics since they benefit people who have poor eyesight.

Additionally, do not stay too close or too far from the device’s touch surface because it will affect your performance. It is best to stand about 50cm away so that you can play comfortably without having to squint at the small screen.

You should also pay attention when choosing your viewing angle because your posture directly influences how well you play games. When operating a mobile game, try not to lean forward too much or tilt your head up or down because this will affect your vision and hand-eye coordination.

● Try not to move your hands away from the device

Third, you should rely on both hands when operating mobile games in order to perform different functions which require the dexterity of fingers such as choosing items at the bottom part of the screen. For example, you need to use two thumbs while playing “Minecraft” because it requires good control over virtual tools which are hard to operate through the one-handed operation.

One hand is used for controlling movements while the other thumb is responsible for displaying items on the touch surface so that you can pick them up conveniently. It might be difficult at first but if you practice using two hands to interact with features on the screen, it will improve your performance in many ways.

Finally, we should not only make the best of playing games but also learn from them. There are many ways to get better at mobile gaming such as downloading apps that can help you improve your performance and watching how experienced players play games by themselves.

Moreover, you might be able to win more points if you pay attention to the tutorials provided in some games. When reviewing a game, there are usually tips and tricks on various features offered by different websites or magazines so it would be a good idea for beginners who want to know more about games before they start playing them. This kind of information will definitely come in handy when trying to get better at playing mobile games so you should not miss out.

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