How to Resolve Canon Printer Empty Ink Error

Canon Printers are known for their robustness. These printers are also very simple to use as the user can set up the printer to PC and then take printout easily. The Canon inkjet printers offer excellent printing quality and you can also take printouts on different sizes of pages. The big laser printers offer good printing speed to the user. But while running the printer, some users get the Canon Printer Empty Ink Error. The printer starts showing ink errors when it can’t fetch the ink. But sometimes the user gets this error when the cartridge has enough ink to take printouts.

Reasons Behind Canon Printer Empty Ink Error

  1. Your cartridge is empty
  2. The printer is showing the wrong ink level
  3. The cartridge is not installed properly 
  4. The user has installed the third-party cartridge
  5. The ink inside the drum gets dried up

Troubleshooting Canon Printer Empty Ink Error

Check the Cartridge Ink Level

Many users reported that the printer is showing ink errors while they are able to take the printouts. This occurs when the ink is near the warning level. The printer starts showing a warning message so the user can change the cartridge before the cartridge gets completely empty. When the ink error appears, check the ink. If the cartridge is about to get empty then refill or reinstall a new cartridge. Once the printer gets the filled cartridge, it will start printing without any error.

Don’t use Clone Cartridges 

Some users get an ink error when they install the clone cartridge on their Canon printer. Some Canon printer models allow clone cartridges whereas some printers can’t detect them. These types of cartridges can also harm the Canon printer. When you get the error, check the cartridge. Remove the third-party cartridge and then install the Canon MG2570 Cartridge on your printer. When you install the correct cartridge, the printer will easily recognize it and start giving the printouts.

Reinstall the Cartridges on the Canon Printer

Many times the user installs cartridges incorrectly and the printer can’t recognize them. You have to remove those cartridges and then reinstall them correctly. Open the Canon printer and then remove the cartridges. Check the cartridge pins and contacts on the printer. In case the pins are damaged then you have to buy one. The printer won’t use the cartridge if the pin is broken. Many times, the user forgets to remove the protective clips from the cartridge before installing it.

Check the cartridge ends and remove the tapes before installing. Go to the printer and clean the contacts to remove all dust. Now insert the cartridges and check the ink status. Sometimes the printer can’t read refilled cartridges. In that case, you should remove all cartridges and check the status of the slot. All slots should show 0. Now insert one cartridge and check the status. When the printer is recognizing the cartridges then install others and use the device easily.

Repair the Canon Printer Driver

Ink errors on printers can occur when printer functions are not working correctly. It happens when the driver is not working. The Canon printer requires a driver to understand the print job. You should go to the connected PC and inspect the Canon driver. If the driver is outdated then the user should install the latest update. Now go to the printer and check its ink error. In case, the Canon Printer Driver is corrupted; remove it. You should uninstall the corrupted driver from the PC. Open the Canon printer site and install the correct driver. After that, your printer will find the driver and start working.

Make sure the Ink is not Dried up

When the user is using the Canon printer after a long time, its ink may get dried up. The printer shows an error as its printhead can’t fetch the ink from the cartridge. Open the printer and remove the cartridges. If the ink is dried up then you need to add a few drops of solvent. Now shake the cartridges until the ink mixes well. Reinstall the ink cartridge and now the printhead can easily get the ink for printing.

Run the Troubleshooter and Malware Scan

Many times, the printer ink error gets resolved by running the troubleshooter. Go to PC and check for printer troubleshooting. The tool will repair the damaged files and the printer will start working. Also, check for viruses as they can corrupt the print jobs. Open the antivirus and run the full scan; restart the PC and try using the Canon printer. 

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