Perfect Solutions to Fix Avast Antivirus Not Opening Issue

Avast Antivirus is among the best antivirus for free to protect your system from malware, viruses, and spyware. It is recommended to update Avast antivirus frequently is the most effective way to protect your PC. After the update of Avast Anti-virus, users might experience issues opening Avast antivirus on Windows 10. A message of error will be displayed such as “Avast antivirus won’t open” or “Avast Antivirus not opening“. In this article, you will learn how to solve Avast not working in Windows 10 and repair Avast will not open or Avast isn’t opening properly.

The reason for the “Avast Antivirus Won’t Open” or “Avast Antivirus Not Opening” Problem in Windows?

Avast could not open due to a variety of issues. It is nevertheless possible to solve the issues. Finding the reason is essential to determine the best solutions and fixing the issue quickly.

The broken Avast installation could have become corrupted because of many reasons. However, it is fortunate that Avast has provided a variety of ways to resolve the issue by fixing it or executing an orderly installation.

Avast Antivirus service isn’t running as it should service is not functioning properly If there is a problem with the main service, you can restart it and whether the issue has been fixed.

How to Fix “Avast Antivirus Won’t Open” or “Avast Antivirus Not Opening” Issue?

Repairing Window’s Settings

Before reinstalling Avast, before re-installing Avast software, you’ll have to make some important adjustments regarding your Windows Services settings.

– Go to “Run” from your computer’s start menu. Input the “services.msc” and press the Enter key.

– The dialogue box that appears is possible to select and then start the “Remote Desktop Services” dialogue box “Remote Desktop Services” dialogue box.

– When it is open then click on the dropdown menu for the Startup Type and set it to “Automatic”. Verify whether you can see that the “Service Status” of the program is set to “Running”. To make it “Running”, click on the “Start” button.

– Click Apply, then click Click Okay. Start the computer once you have completed the procedure.

Open the Avast software using this procedure. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to restart or replace your Avast antivirus.

Repair Avast

If fixing the windows settings is not able to resolve the Avast Antivirus not opening issue, then it could be a problem regarding the install. It is better to fix Avast to avoid this problem. Repair it by going through the Control Panel and using the repair wizard. This method worked for a lot of people however, you should consider the possibility that you need to alter certain settings that you may have altered within the antivirus software.

In the beginning, make sure you’re authenticated as an administrator account since you won’t be able to remove programs from another account.

– Open Control Panel from the Start Menu. In Windows 10, click the gear icon to launch Settings.

– In Control Panel you can select View by Category on the upper right and then click “Uninstall a Program” under the Programs Option.

– If you’re using Settings on Windows clicking on Apps will instantly display the list of installed applications on your PC.

– Locate Avast in the settings or control panel and click on the Uninstall/Repair button.

– The uninstall wizard for the program ought to appear with a variety of options like Update Repair, Modify and uninstall. Click “Repair” and click Next to fix the installation of the program.

– A message will pop up informing you to confirm the process. Avast is likely to be restarted using the default settings that were in place before the error began to develop.

– Click Finish after the process of uninstalling is complete. Reboot your system to verify that Avast will now open correctly.

Reinstall Avast

There’s nothing in Avast which a fresh installation cannot fix, and that is true for this Avast Antivirus not opening particular issue too. If the above solutions don’t work to your needs, the reinstall procedure is very easy to do and can help fix the issue. It goes beyond the standard uninstall since it also deletes cache files and eliminates any registry entries that may have become corrupted.

– Download the latest version of Avast Antivirus and clicking the Download Free Antivirus button.

– Also, you’ll need to¬†download the Avast Uninstall Utility¬†and save it to your system as well.

– Connect to the Web after downloading these files. Then, boot to Safe Mode. Make use of your Windows + R crucial mix on your keyboard to start your Run dialogue box. Type in “msconfig” before clicking OK.

– In the “System Configuration Window”, choose the Boot tab to the right and then check the box next to the Safe Boot Select OK, and then restart your computer to begin booting into Safe Mode.

– Start”Avast Uninstall Utility. “Avast Uninstall Utility” and navigate to the directory where you’ve installed Avast Antivirus.

– Select “Remove” and restart your computer by booting into the normal startup mode. Test to determine whether Avast is now working normally.

Contact Avast Technical Support

If none of these solutions fixes the Avast Antivirus not opening issue, then you can talk to Avast antivirus experts who will assist you to solve Avast antivirus issues. The experts are Microsoft qualified and knowledgeable. Just dial the Avast Technical Assistance number to reach an Avast antivirus expert.

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