SE02 VST editor problem

Hi all,


Hoping for some help: I purchased SE02 midi editor last night to quickly help draw in automation in Ableton. However, after installing the .dll is not seen by Ableton. I emailed Momo and he suggested installing to the root of my VST plugins folder but still the .dll is not seen after restarts and rescans.

Here is the detail I sent to Momo:

I’ve followed the installation instructions however I cannot see the .dll 64 file in my VST plugins folder. I copied to the correct folder and used 64 bit file. I am on Windows 10 Ableton 10.0.5. I’ve installed the standalone SE02 editor and this is working fine connected to the SE02. I’ve tried running Ableton as Administrator and get nothing. I’ve also searched the Ableton VST folder for CTRLR and get nothing.


Any ideas what to try to try please folks?




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