Step by Step Melting Wax Candle Making

How to make wax candles

Candle making is a great hobby for beginners and can be profitable. With a little creativity you can make some nice gifts. The most important rule of thumb for melting wax candles is safety, make sure children and animals stay out of the candle making area, candle wax is extremely flammable and will catch fire at 375 degrees F, it should never get hot to the point where it begins to boil or smoke wax melts . Follow steps 1-5 and you’re on your way to some homemade wax candles.

  1. Choose a mold: Your mold should be somewhat smooth and easy to remove after the candle has dried. You can grease the inside of the pan with vegetable oil for easy removal.
  2. Put in a double boiler: get a medium-sized can or pot and place it in a second larger pot. Fill the larger pot with a couple inches of water and heat over high heat and begin lighting candles.
  3. Melted wax candles: You can use paraffin or old candle wax residue (if you use old candles, be sure to remove any old burned out wicks). Break the best wax melts into chunks and place it in the water bath, make sure to constantly place it until the candle wax melts. If you want to add color to your candle, you can get small pieces of crayons and mix them into your melted wax candles. You can also decide if you would like to perfume your candle with fragrance oil or perfume. Your candle is on its way!
  4. Make your wicks: Cut a piece of string that is twice as long as your candle mold. Dip the thread in your melted wax and let it hang from something and dry it so that when your mold is ready you will have nice straight strands.
  5. Pour your wax candles: Prepare your mold; and being very careful when using oven mitts, place the melted wax candles in the mold. Position your wick in the center of the mold using a pencil to suspend it and keep it centered. Let the candle cool and dry for about a day, you may think it is ready sooner, but the center can still be very soft. After your candle has completely cooled down, carefully remove the candle and then the best step. Enjoy your new homemade design candles!

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