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Hello guys, how are you hope all are fine, going well in life. Today I am coming with a fresh new topic it is on types of research. Maybe it is a boring topic or not. But I feel it be boring I do not like technical things as for learning basis. Sometimes it is hard to understand lots of technical terms, may it happen to some of the students too, I am not alone. 😂

In this blog, I will try to cover 😃 What is research, different types of research, types of research design, types of research methods, types of research methodology, types of research with examples 

Let’s dive into it with curiosity. 

Doing research is an interesting activity if the topic matches our interests seriously, and the topic is opposite may create stone and hard to grave marks in finals. In my college time, one of my professors had given a topic on rivers and ecology, I find it interesting plus boring bcoz of some factors are not match to me, that was my group research assignment, we research in a team and share different-different types of research each other, in live we go to the river touch the water and keep the samples of river water so it finds interesting and we got A grades in assignments it was teamwork. 

My research is based on qualitative research, quantitative research, analytical research, persuasive research, cause and effect research, experimental research, survey research, problem-solution research, and report research.

In the river and ecology project, our team dives into it or one of my head of project or leader divides responsibility each of student. In the report, we make reports on theoretical and practice things end of every search day and decore assignment writing papers too.

Some of the skills are matters during research work

think wisely and critically.

Analysis and analytical way of thinking

Explanation Skill | how to explain practical research work in papers

Skill| summarize and categorize

Hope you find it interesting my writing is not too good but I try to explain it simply.

💓 Initiative is a first step to start a journey 

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