Mesotherapy: Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


We all have a desire to get healthy and glowing skin at all times. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As we age, our health and organs deteriorate, certain effects start to show up. Of the many common effects, skin is quite prone to these changes. As a result, we get acne, pimples, blemishes, and whatnot. In fact, people who struggle with such skin deteriorations can easily get overwhelmed by the beauty industry’s standards. However, there are few techniques that can actually work to eliminate your skin concerns. And Mesotherapy is definitely that one.

Let’s find out more about this effective treatment:


Mesotherapy works by tightening and revitalizing your skin. In mesotherapy Dubai treatment, the specialist uses a thin needle that injects hormones, vitamins, and enzymes into the middle layer of the skin. When injected, they work to address inflammation and poor circulation.

Initially, this method was created to help those who suffer discomfort due to medical issues. Later, it was adopted by the cosmetic industry, predominantly used as an alternative for liposuction. In addition to this, it is now widely used as a means to effectively treat pigmentation, skin tightening, wrinkles, lines, and much more. It can even treat the loose skin and work to tighten it up for a perfectly toned look.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy remains the perfect choice for those who do not want to undergo any surgical treatment, yet, are looking for a viable treatment. It has grown quite popular for numerous benefits that it offers, some of which include:

Skin Appearance

All those who want to add that extra glow to the skin, especially the face and neck, should consider taking Mesotherapy. The treatment is also able to give you a treatment for the age spots, discolorations, and patches. Along with that, it can brighten and level up your skin tone and stimulate collagen to restore suppleness on the face.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Our skins need a combination of vitamins, serums, and nourishing combinations of effective components to make your skin fresh and invigorated. Experts are able to perform them adequately to the skin in amounts that are best suitable for you.

Skin Needs

Every skin has a different need and the experts first study the individual skin type first. After this, they know what skin nutrients you lack and administer the treatment accordingly. This customized treatment delivers significant results with a desirable energy boost.

Skin Hydration

With the rapid increase in population and reduction in air quality, our skin dehydrates. Undergoing Mesotherapy helps increase the moisture content of the skin, making it look tight, full, and healthy.


Mesotherapy is a very affordable option, especially when compared to the more intrusive plastic surgeries. One can easily obtain natural-looking and healthy skin after the enriched nutrients and serums have been injected via needles. This is a quick method and one does not have to halt their routine to get it done.

Eliminates Fat

When the healthy serums are injected into the skin, it shatters the fat cell walls, allowing them to melt away. The body’s natural metabolic system discharges the excess fat away. As the injected enzymes make this disturbance to the fat cells, mesotherapy can help enhance the cellulite image.

Hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem that we all face. But, mesotherapy can treat hair thinning and hair loss using a combination of medicines and nutrition. This is done so by administering the scalp area with a vitamin boost. It enhances blood circulation and nurtures the hair follicle. As a result, it makes it far stronger than before and reduces hair fall. Experts believe that one should begin Mesotherapy as early as it begins, to slow and then stop the hair thinning process.

Consult Your Doctor

One should always visit a skin specialist prior to undergoing Mesotherapy. The expert will have a detailed look at your skin type, past history, skin elasticity, allergies, etc., and guide you accordingly. This personalized consultation is an integral part of decision-making. After all, Mesotherapy is a customized treatment, and the results differ from person to person. So make sure to incorporate the doctor’s consultation when taking an informed decision.

The Takeaway

Mesotherapy has proved to be an effective treatment for skin conditions. This powerful procedure targets the layers of skin, provides the required nutrients that it lacks and shows impeccable results. If you too are looking for non-invasive and powerful results, visit Aesthetics International. It is a credible and reputable cosmetic clinic in Dubai and commits to providing promising results to its clients.