Deadly B2B Sales Myths Impacting Perceptions

B2B Sales

Ever since we started walking on our feet, our elders have always warned us that not everything we see is true.

The same is the case in the corporate world. It is unnecessary that the stories ever told you by other people are true and significant. You have to play smartly in handling such scenarios to stay out of the frauds.

B2B sales also catch such problems. Unquestionably, you must have also come across the facts which changed your perceptions entirely. If it is true, then you should not step outside this platform.

We have explained some B2B sales myths that are false but continue to prevail, having no compliance with authenticity.

4 False Facts about B2B Sales You Should Never Believe

Myth 1: B2B Sales Means Hundreds of Calls

One myth you must have known so far is dialling numbers to make a sale. People believe that the sales team has to dial-up over 100 calls to complete a sale.

This is absolutely false. Only 10 to 20 calls are enough for making a sale deal.

However, it is also true that this figure varies from country to country.

Myth 2: Long B2B Sales Cycle

Another myth you should never believe is that B2B sales cycles are long. The only thing to ponder is that the purchasing process has extended while the sales cycle remains short.

This is merely no change, but an optimized activity. Basically, what makes the sales team handle the process is the buyer’s satisfaction. They take a really long time to make things clear and then order the product that matches their expectation.

Myth 3: Only Price Matters

How come a price can only satisfy a buyer? This is a false perception that should be ruled out by the B2B industry.

Not every business in the B2B market feels pressure to set the price. It also requires them to focus on quality, satisfaction, and guarantees to let the buyers understand why their offer is unique.

Hence, price matters, but along with quality in B2B sales. You can also notice this fact being genuinely played by the manufacturers in the China B2B marketplace.

Myth 4: Sales Don’t Need Emotions

Again, a false perspective developed in the industry. To achieve an interesting sales experience, the B2B team has to add emotional intelligence.

One has to notice the emotional side of the buyers to drive sales. If this is not happening right, then there must be some lacking at the B2B sales unit.

The buyers are always satisfied when vendors influence them by proving valuable information and satisfaction until they get their parcel in their hands.

The Bottom Line

When we talk about B2B sales, we mean boost and productivity. This again adds an element in the business which focuses on the buyers’ needs and progresses enough to become a market leader.

The above-listed myths prevailed for so long but are not factual at all. It seems like people think that B2B sales are emotionless and have nothing to do with what the buyers exactly want.

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