Top 5 Beach Destinations in South America

Beach Destinations in South America

Who doesn’t like beaches? I mean the endless sea, the soothing sun, the chirping, and the sand. What’s there that you don’t like? If you are also planning a trip to one of those exotic beaches, you see on the internet, and this article is just for you. South America is a continent surrounded by the Atlantic on one side and Pacific on the other, thus being home to most beautiful beaches you can visit.

Here is a list of Top 5 beach destinations to visit in South America:

1) Rio de Janeiro– A city set between mountains and seaside is a spectacular location to spend your vacations. The heart of the town is Copacabana, a sand beach stretching over four kilometers along one entire side of its downtown. The city displays century-old buildings from the time of Portuguese rule. Besides the beach, the Brazilian city hosts one of the seven wonders, Christ the Redeemer, you can add to your list. Another main attraction here is the world-famous Carnival taking place here each winter.  The city has a lot more to embrace and is a once in a life must-visit destination.

2) Uruguay– A country with African heritage as a lot to offer to the tourists, be it the beautiful city of Montevideo with lush green environment and the neoclassical architecture or world-class cuisines for foodies in the Mercado del Puerto. You can spend your days sunbathing at the exotic beaches all over the country and enjoy the luxurious resorts in Punta des Este where you can witness several whales and visit the Museum of the sea.

3) Peru– A small country most famous for holding one of the seven wonders, Machu Picchu, a city that lays hidden under jungle in the lap of the mountains of Andes. Peru has beautiful Mountainous sites as well as beautiful shores you can visit. The country at its north coast holds many picturesque beaches across the continent. Las Pocitas, Playa Roja, Mancora being the few beaches you must visit while in Peru. The Las Pocitas is one of Peru’s favorite tourist sites because of the aquamarine water rippling over the soft golden sand. The beach is the best location to enjoy a chilly beverage while fondling sand with your toes and embrace the romance this place offers.

4) Argentina– Aside from Tango and Lionel Messi, Argentina is also famous for its gorgeous beaches along the elongated coastline and extravagant cities.  The country is host to a vast range of ecosystems. Always have your camera ready as you never know when you might see a penguin or an elephant seal. The city of Buenos Aires, the second most desirable city in the world, is Argentina’s capital. The city, with its rich heritage and beautiful museums, is always flocked with tourists. The beach of Pinamar gives you perfect scenery like view lined by thick pine forests just around the city of Buenos Aires.

5) Colombia– The country famous for its exceptional street art and exquisite colonial cities is home to some of the most heart throbbing beaches. The Pacific coastal country offers the best coffee and exotic fruits. The sandy beaches, blue lagoons, and the rugged beauty of the coastal reserves provide a lovely sight. The divers here can sink in the ocean and admire the beautiful coral gardens and sunken pirate ships.

The above mentioned beaches of South America are the destinations you must set for next. Fly now! Get your Bookings done with American Airlines reservations or Spirit Airlines reservations as per your site of origin and comfort.