The Importance of Digital Dexterity In An Organization

Digital Dexterity In An Organization

Over the last few months, we have witnessed organizations across the globe going completely digital due to the pandemic. As a result, many businesses are undergoing digital transformation while the organizational leaders and CHRO’s are focusing on recreating their sales, marketing, and employee retention strategies from scratch. However, it is the people of the organization that connects a business with technology on ground levels. 

Digital dexterity is an important element for organizations that utilize modern technology for employees. Some organizations can quickly analyze industry trends and as a result, start experimenting with different technologies while others might take months to adapt and infer the disruptive forces that lead to major business losses. Therefore, it is digital dexterity that can help an organization win or lose and make all the difference in making its way through unprecedented times.

What is digital dexterity?

Digital dexterity can be defined as the capability of the workforce to adapt to business shifts and environmental changes by using the latest technology to achieve specific business targets and outcomes. By encouraging employees to embrace digital transformation, businesses can gain positive outcomes on an individual and organizational basis. Individuals who possess superior dexterity skills are always ready to experiment with new digital tools, advanced technology, and different initiatives.

The advent of digital dexterity has led companies to work and coordinate with changing industry requirements, customer expectations and demands, business strategies, talent processing, and adjusting workflows. Thus, it can easily modify and transform both cultural and hierarchical systems collaboratively and effectively.

The importance and benefits of digital dexterity

Over the last few years, there has been a  growth in digital dexterity that indicates advanced technology will soon be common in most modern workplaces. Employees are now working on digital platforms that also increases the need for learning about different tools. To provide an improved customer experience, a business strategy integrated with digital skills can work best while optimizing operation and procedures.


  • Digital dexterity is no less than a boon during the time of pandemics as it helps in ensuring that employees can complete their targets within the safety and comfort of their home by utilizing digital tools in modern technology.
  • It allows employees to work with better digital opportunities that improve efficiency in their task management and working habits.
  • With the help of digital dexterity, team members can work at their own pace and perform better on projects with shifting targets while utilizing digital tools.

Steps to ensure digital dexterity as an employer

Adding digital dexterity to your business strategy and organizational agenda can be easy when you break it down into easily consumable tasks:

  • Digital experts can easily assess the ongoing technology trends and predict the future ones. Begin with identifying the tools that can help your organization grow and further create a plan on how they would influence the business practices and outcomes of your organization. Moving forward, analyze how employees can be made prepared for digitalization and required reskilling.
  • The onset of a digital transformation may become overwhelming for employees due to increased IT upgrades and technological modifications. Panel discussions and internal meetings can help business leaders to understand what is working for their employees and what is not.  Internal forums, retailers, and welcome videos can explain the use of a particular software efficiently.