5 Steps To Write An Essay

Are you searching for a Custom essay writing service for a last-minute assignment submission? Students often miss meeting their deadlines because of extreme academic pressure and getting low grades.

So, if you want to save yourself in such a situation, learn these five easy steps to write an impeccable essay.

Step 1. Determine the Type of Essay

There are many types of essays like narrative, expository, argumentative, persuasive, comparative, literary, etc. First, decide which kind of essay you want to write. For guidance, you can take references from UK Assignment help. Decide the focal point of your article. You can call it the brainstorming session, where you will ideate the whole process.

Step 2. Research about your topic

Now comes the research part. In this step, you will do everything possible to find out the materials needed to support your essay. You can go through other researcher’s works or Google other sources. Jot down all the data into one place.

Step 3: Organize an outline

An essay has three main parts. Such as:

i) Decide the main objective of your topic. It will give a direction to the rest of the paper.

ii) Gather the points and counterpoints you want to include to back up your thesis. If the objective is your first paragraph, this would be the main body of your essay.

iii) Decide a considerate conclusion, which ties all the discussed points into a single knot. 

Step 4: Start writing:

Divide this task into three mini-tasks.

  1. Introduction– Start your introduction with a catchy hook. It will help your essay to stand out from the rest and engage your teacher throughout the essay. Here, you will set the tone and discuss the main idea of the essay.
  2. Body– Here, you need to discuss the thesis and anti-thesis to produce a critical analysis of your topic. Take out the points mentioned in your main idea, and discuss each in the body part. It may take three to four paragraphs to write the points and counterpoints in detail.
  3. Conclusion- Your conclusionshould uphold your main idea to give it a nice closure.

Step 5: Proofread:

Proofread every part of your essay. Examine the grammatical and syntactical errors. You can take help ofproof reading services ukfor the same.

Follow these easy steps to write a solid analytical Custom essay like an expert assignment writers.

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