Reasons to Have a Career in Data Science in India

Data science is a sector where there is no insufficiency of job roles. There are many categories in data science, such as, data engineering, data architecture, and more, in which you can specialize. There are many institutes that provide training in data science for getting a job in this sector. For specialization, and a prolific career, look for the finest data science course in Bangalore. Let us now discuss why it is so frenzied to have a job in the field of data science. To be honest, there are innumerable grounds which prove that being a data science professional is probably the smartest thing to do in 2021. But here, let us talk about a few —

  • Higher Salary than Most Other Jobs

A data science professional with an experience of five to ten years, receives an annual salary in the range of ₹25-26 lakh. Those who are more experienced, can easily expect pay packages above ₹1 crore. A data science expert with experience of more than 15 years, can earn up to ₹1.8 crore a year. Data science is constantly developing, therefore, newer aspects are also taking place, making scope for a larger number of job roles.

  • Increasing Demand for Data

Data science is a sector that never goes out of demand. Data science is required everywhere; from businesses, to industries, to academia, the usage of data science is irreplaceable. India is the second largest source of data science in the world, and analysts have predicted that, by the end of 2026, there will be more than 11 million job openings. Since 2019, hiring in this industry has also remarkably increased.

  • The Learning Curve Never Wears Out

In the field of data science, the learning curve never actually goes out of your way. To put it more directly, it can be said that a data science professional is always required to upskill and specialize.  Machine learning and data science are two sectors that are coming to the centre of almost every organization, that’s why upskilling and specialisation is always required. In data science and machine learning,  postgraduate certification is also available, and professionals, who hold postgraduate certificates in data science, are most likely to be chosen for a further profitable career with even higher salary. Furthermore, having a PG diploma in data science will also be an addition to the overall skill sets.

So, what is provided here in this article makes it pretty clear that a career in data science is more lucrative than any other job sector, and the best part of having a job in this sector is that you would still get to be a learner throughout your career. But, what is more important is that, in this field, there is always a chance for you to grow, no matter what! As long as newer areas keep getting discovered, and newer upgrades become available, there will always be scopes for learning as well as new job opportunities.