Moog Source

This is a panel for the Moog Source with Encore MIDI retrofit called “SMK”.

I made the panel for my Source with the newest Encore firmware v4.11. You need at least v4.09 in order to use all features of this Ctrlr panel.

Encore Software Updates: LINK

I think the panel is now mature enough to publish it without sending me an email. Moreover, as the Encore SMK allows full access to the editbuffer it is very unlikely that one overwrites patches by accident.

you can downlaod it HERE

two screenshots:

source1 source2

I won’t make a tutorial unless someone asks for it. If you don’t know how to use Ctrlr my tutorial for the SuperJX panel may help you:Download

When you fit the Encore SMK Midi retrofit some tuning has to be done anyway – while your at it I recommend to do the complete tuning procedure. It made a notable difference on mine.

Tuning Procedure (Service Manual Scan): Download