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Halloween is a celebration that is open to interpretation. Some people celebrate it for religious obligations, and some praise it out of fun and enjoyment. People worldwide have multiple beliefs about this holiday; some call it the day to mourn and fear the dead, while some take it as a day to celebrate it. Based upon how and what they think, there are many rituals they follow. People in American countries majorly like dressing up, wearing different contact lenses color, going to parties, eating, and dancing. At the same time, Australians and other related countries have different ways.

 Here are nine extremely odd Halloween practices from around the world that will leave you amused.

  1. United Kingdom: Pumpkin is an integral symbol of Halloween, and many people during the holiday use it as a significant part of celebration and decoration. This preceding history of pumpkin comes down from a famous tradition called “Jack O lantern.” Irish people believe in the tale of Stingy Jack, who was not allowed in heaven nor hell and is considered to be still roaming around the world. People started carving pumpkins to scare the soul away. In the UK, there is a shortage of pumpkins, and people carve turnips and beetroots instead.
  1. Germany: People of Germany are respectful and caring towards the ghost of their loved ones. During the first week of November, they hide all their knives because they believe that the blades will hurt the souls/spirits of the ones visiting them; the Germans also practice going to the graves and paying a meaningful visit.
  1. Mexico: If you have ever studied Mexico, you would know about their favorite tradition called “The day of the Dead.” It is celebrated on the second of November; shrines and the roads of Mexico are dressed in the most colorful hues and designs, tributing and honoring the dead people. Mexicans celebrate the first of November as the” Day of Innocents,” like Halloween, and are marked with the same enthusiasm.
  1. Detroit: This will sound extremely odd, but people in Detroit celebrate Halloween as Devil’s night. They do things like playing silly and harmful pranks on people and even setting the old buildings on fire. As the world progresses and moves further in civilization, this tradition is losing popularity for all the right reasons.
  1. Hong Kong: People in Hong Kong have a tradition of practicing Yue Lan. It is a celebration and a festival for hungry ghosts. People get food, fruits, money, and more things for their dead loved ones and put them on fire. They also light up the belongings of the deceased person to provide comfort and love to them.
  1. Italy: Italians love food, and they center their celebrations around it too. It is widely popular among the masses that the ghosts need food for the winter, and thus they come looking for it. During this day, people make unique and tasty food. The traditional bake is Fave Dei Morti – Beans of the Dead. This bean-shaped baked cake is a symbol of the occasion. Once they prepare the whole meal, Italians leave their houses with the doors open to attend to the church and believe that the dead will come to consume food.
  1. Czech Republic: Their tradition is more wholesome than odd. During Halloween, they take chairs and put a bonfire to create a sitting around the grave. After making all the arrangements, they buy flowers and other ornaments and take them to the soul. The people sit around their loved ones talking to them, believing they are listening to them. This commemoration lightens a positive spirit of communication and delight.
  1. Austria: The people of Austria keep celebration secondary and honor in quiet. They prepare bread, take water and place it outside for the dead to consume it. As part of the tradition, they also keep the lights on during the whole night. It continues for over a week, and later they serve the bread to the ducks.
  1. Japan: The festival of lanterns happens during August, in light of the concept of Halloween. People light up paper lanterns, sing and say prayers for departed loved ones. They pray for their safe heavens and the guidance of the lost souls. This tradition is also pretty common in Korea and other countries, where they prepare food and thank the souls for their hard work.

 The traditions around the world differ in their forms, yet the essence stays the same. It is an honor and a celebrity expression for the souls and their importance. It does not matter if Halloween is just an excuse for you to dress up, Wear different contact lenses colour, party, and more. It is essential beyond the celebrations and festivals. Learn and know about the things and celebrate Halloween in its most authentic spirit.