How to use Mail Drop on the Mac?

Apple has introduced Mail Drop in the development of MacOS X 10.10, Yosemite. Mail Drop is an email function that allows you to transfer large file attachments in your email. This is required when sending large files or files of high resolution, such as videos or photos. 

How to use Mail Drop to Send Large Files on Mac

Not knowing how to send a large file from a mail drop ? so follow these simple steps. And to know how to open mail drop on mac.

  • On the right corner of the mac, there will be an apple icon.
  • Press system preference, then sign-in on the iCloud account.

There is not much difference in mail drop if you have a sign-in to iCloud.

How Does Mail Drop Work?

Maildrop works very easily. As it simply plugs the files from an email server. By this, you will not face any problem in sending large files.

Maildrop email can send files up to 5kb in size. You have to upload the file on iCloud.

As many email servers do not allow you to, send large files and make your work stuck in the middle. But the drop is so Helpful in this matter.

As I referred to iCloud, you might be thinking whether the document connection represents a mark against your complete record allocation in iCloud, and I’m happy to say that it doesn’t. So plug away! 5 GB is your new document size limit, on account of Mail Drop!

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