Top 5 causes of HP Laptop Random Shut down

HP Laptop Random Shut down

How to Fix HP Laptop Shut down Randomly Issue with solutions

The HP laptop shut down suddenly and without warning. And, without a doubt, this must be extremely frustrating. This issue is caused by several factors. hp envy keeps shutting down You should investigate further to determine the precise explanation for this.

Causes with solutions:

  1.  RAM Problem

Due to the ram crashing problem, most laptops either stop working or turn off at random. This problem usually arises when your ram stops working or when it is displaced.

Solutions:To resolve this issue, unplug your RAM, cool and clean it, and then re-plug it. Ensure if  the problem has been resolved. If it doesn’t, take your laptop to a service center and have it checked out.

  • Over Heating

Overheating is frequently caused by excessive laptop activity. It can also be caused by using your laptop in an area with a high temperature or by keeping your laptop over heat-absorbing materials. Another major source of this issue is a lack of cooling hardware or a dust problem. After a lengthy period of use, some laptops experience this serious issue. In this case, the laptop gets incredibly heated, and the fan blows excessively hot air.

Solutions: This problem can be solved by applying a cooling paste to the CPU. Do not use it on your own. Laptop repair businesses can help you with this issue. You can also check your fan to see whether it is working properly, or you can get a cooling pad.

  • Without warning, the battery reaches a charge of 25-30%

Connect the laptop charger and keep it connected until the battery reaches 100 percent. Check the battery even if it shuts down the system. You can also resolve the issue by updating the drivers to the most recent versions.Simply put, the HP Laptop shuts off at random while running on battery power. While charging the laptop, the system is turned off without any notification or warning messages.

Solutions:The laptop battery is one of the primary causes of this issue. Remove it from the gadget if it is removable. After that, check to see if it is working properly.

  • Failure of hardware

If you are certain that all of your laptop’s components are operational, but the laptop has just shut down, you should take it to a service centre to have it checked.

Solutions:Check if the service shop has the necessary knowledge to inspect and repair your laptop. Because the majority of people lack sufficient laptop hardware repairs competence.

  • Virus on your  computer

This is the most common issue that affects practically every machine. A virus is like Armageddon for computers. It almost completely kills your laptop.

Solutions:Do not be alarmed; you may easily resolve this issue by installing antivirus software. If you still have a virus problem with your computer, you should take it to a service centre and get it checked.


  1. What is causing my laptop to shut down?
  2. The laptop randomly shuts off.
  3. laptop shuts down at random laptop keeps shutting down and resuming
  4. The PC shuts down at random.
  5. The laptop abruptly shuts off
  6. The laptop keeps shutting down.
  • What should you do if nothing works?

The service of laptops is highly important since it has a big impact on the processing of laptops. You may encounter significant difficulties if the laptop is not serviced. Overheating, unintentional shutdown and slow processing are the most typical problems. As a result, cleaning your laptop from dust regularly is essential for smooth and quick processing. There is no other way to solve Laptop service problem. Take your laptop to the store and get it fixed.

  • Can a faulty power supply cause a laptop to shut down?

Another major cause of the computers turning off at random is a malfunctioning power supply. It is the most dangerous condition because it can cause major difficulties with your laptop, such as it becoming dead owing to a malfunctioning power supply. As the current value lowers and climbs, it causes significant harm to the battery and the laptop itself. If you are experiencing the same issue, it is recommended that you replace your power supply as soon as possible. If you are unsure whether the problem is with the power source, you can check to see if it is operational.

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