Insight Email Addresses to be Shutdown if Not Converted

Times Warner Cable purchased insightbb webmail in 2011. However, the old users of the insight webmail account were allowed to transfer their email books entries along with messages to a new account registered with by using the same insight email address and the password. Because of its transition, insight webmail users were advised to shift or change their email address by a certain time period for the discontinuation of and 

Kentucky’s one of the largest telecommunications companies of that time, Insight communications, has sold insight webmail ownership to Times Warner Cable. It had around 297,000 phone customers, 537,000 active high-speed data customers, and around 679,000 cable television subscribers at the time of sale. 

However, the domain is still working and valid. If you are an old user of insightbb webmail account and wish to log in to your account or delete it, read the article by the end. 

How to log in to insightbb webmail?

Follow the instructions given below to login to your insight webmail account

  1. Open your web browser and look for insightbb webmail login–
  2. A sign-in page will open up
  3. Enter your email address/ username and the password in respective fields
  4. Click on the remember me option if you want to keep logged in.
  5. Now, click on the Log in blue button. 

How to delete an insightbb webmail account?

  1. Access your account from a web browser. 
  2. Provide your login details and sign-in to your insightbb webmail account
  3. Now go to your profile and click on the edit button
  4. Under the edit profile section, find the delete profile option
  5. Now, click on the delete insightbb webmail profile.
  6. Follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

Key features of insightbb webmail

  1. The insight webmail domain is still valid and working
  2. Feature of clean disposable email domain.
  3. Free from threats and risks
  4. Allows users to receive emails
  5. Insightbb webmail is still active
  6. Has been ranked on 48,244 popular webmail services across the world
  7. Has dedicated DNX MX records

Insight email configure


  • IMAP server settings name:
  • Password: your insightbb webmail password
  • Security type: none
  • IMAP server port: 993
  • SSL/TLS: On
  • Required authentication: Yes


  • STMP server name:
  • Password: your insightbb webmail password
  • Security type: None
  • STMP Port number: 465
  • SSL/TLS: On 
  • Required Authentication: Yes