What Is KissCartoon? Is It Legal to Watch Cartoons?

Kisscartoon is a torrent site that is widely used by most cartoon lovers. If you are one of the cartoon lovers, then you might have heard about that or there are high chances you have used it. 

Another reason most people use it is that users can access it from their browser on any device like mobile, PC, or laptop. 

What KissCartoon Offers Its Users?

Basically, in kisscartoon.cc and in its related sites you will be able to find cartoon and anime content in different formats like series, songs, movies, and much more interesting formats. 

The original kiss cartoon website was launched many years ago and it got shut down in the year 2017. After it got shut down, more proxy and mirror sites of kiss cartoons started to emerge. 

Unfortunately, not all users of kisscartoon websites know that they are accessing an illegal website. 

Are these websites Illegal?

To be honest, may it be kisscartoon or its proxy or mirror site like kisscartoon me; all these websites are indeed illegal. The website consists of pirated content which means all the content that they post consists of copyright. This is violating the law in many countries and for this reason, it is considered illegal. 

Is Kisscartoon Safe to Watch Cartoon Online?

These days most of them do not look if it is legal or not but at least they have little concern for their safety. So, while looking at it, kisscartoon.ru is not safe for users and there is a high possibility for visitors to get viruses. Another reason we claim that it is unsafe is that it is a tool for hackers to hack your device. 

Legal Alternatives of Kisscartoon : 

Alternatives to kisscartoon are wide in number and also there are legal websites for it. 

  1. Netflix 

2. Comedy central

3. Nickelodeon

4. Crunchyroll

5. Hulu

6. Cartoon Network

7. Crackle

8. Amazon prime

Instead of visiting kisscartoon.to or any other proxy or mirror sites, you can visit legal sites and enjoy watching the content without any fear. 

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Top Safe And Working Alternatives to KissCartoon in 2021

Kisscartoon is a prominent website that provides free cartoons, TV programs, anime, and other media. Kisscartoon offers free, structured streaming of cartoons, anime, and kid-friendly material. However, it has been alleged that the kisscartoon website is neither secure nor legal because it encourages hacking, data theft, hosting illicit websites, and the use of a false domain in the event of a shutdown.

This raises the issue among KissCartoon users: if they shouldn’t use the kisscartoon website, is there another option that works and has the same range of services as kisscartoon? If you’re wondering the same thing, let me burst your bubble by telling you that in 2021, there are alternatives to Kisscartoon.

In 2021, the top safe and functional alternatives to kisscartoon are:

  • Crunchyroll:

With the same number of offerings, Crunchyroll works just as well as Kisscartoon. Its biggest feature is that it does not allow pop-up advertising, making it seamless and enjoyable.

  • Netflix:

Netflix has created an anime area where you can find the highest-rated anime. It is the greatest option to kissCartoon because of its HD resolution and ad-free functionality.

  • Hotstar from Disney:

Disney Hotstar features anime, cartoons, music, videos, and kid-friendly entertainment, among other things.

  • WatchCartoonOnline:

WatchCartoonOnline is a website dedicated to anime and cartoons that is completely free to use. It deserves to be on this list because of its well-organized navigation section. It is the most suitable substitute for Kisscartoon.

  • Animation:

Top-rated as well as all of your wants and favorite anime in dubbed version may be found here.

  • Toonova:

This kisscartoon website is for you if you enjoy viewing classic anime, manga, and daily episodes.

  • 9Anime:

This website’s official URL is 9anime.ru. Don’t get mixed up with other people because this website has a lot of URLs. You’ll find both subtitles and dubbed anime here.

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Is there a KissCartoon for TV Shows?

Is there a KissCartoon for TV Shows

Kisscartoon will be popular among all kinds of cartoon fans since the website is completely dedicated for releasing cartoon contents. This website Kisscartoon real offers any individual to access their site and watch cartoons or animations for free of cost.

More About the Website Kisscartoon:

A torrent website which provides all the contents in high-definition quality and contains a massive collection in a well-categorized manner. It has a simple user-interface and hence it is easy to access the Kisscartoon website.

Is there any TV Shows Available in Kisscartoon?

Yes! It consists of more TV shows. The reason number of people using the website is because it offers Kisscartoon for TV shows which includes Korean drama, US shows and many other TV shows. There are even apps with the best quality offered through this website. Apps are also available for free of cost and consist of all content in HD quality.

How Safe is this Website?

When we visit the website Kisscartoon, you could see more ads that are popping up on the screen. These ads are something that will generate income for those who are using that website whereas the same ad remains a threat to those who visit this site. Even hackers can hack your device easily while you enter sites like this.


The site Kisscartoon is a pirated website which means all the content that are found in this website are copyrighted. This act is referred to as violating the law in most of the countries. However, all this information is provided to give you awareness and let our readers not go into such sites.

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