Roland TB-03 Midi Editor Controller — VST / Standalone


This is my “TB-03 Midi Editor”. The controller for the Roland Boutique TB-03 Bass Line.

The „TB-03“ parameters can be automated, they can be stored in your Project.

So you can integrate your TB-03 into your DAW project and control it.

For live performances you can integrate stored automations from the filter etc. into the live set.

With the X-Y-Pad any controller can be selected and controlled.

You can rename the Editor Patch and safe you  sound as VST Presets (..fxp).

The hidden parameter “Slide Status”,can be changed on the “TB-03 Midi Editor”, which are not present on the TB-03 surface.

It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone.