Shopify eCommerce- 5 Creative Ways to Combat Digital Retail Competition

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Today’s retail industry is in its full swing and holds immense opportunities for aspiring retailers in the digital world. Overall retail websites are increasing in number. As a result, to stand ahead of the curb in the online marketplace, creating a personalized solution with the assistance of a Shopify development agency is crucial.

Many of us constantly hustle to overcome the challenges of this industry. To address this concern, here I have curated a list of five creative ways to combat digital retail competition.

1. Social Selling

Getting social proof is the most influential asset in today’s digital retail. It doesn’t only allow you to promote services but also to gain users’ trust. It easily facilitates the process of converting individuals to visitors, visitors to consumers. This platform holds the potential to become even more powerful as you continue to grow. Though it is quite easy to use, still you need to follow some fundamental marketing principles while influencing users and driving sales. Try to get help from social influencers and stream optimized social media posts while sharing useful and compelling content.

2. Offer Free Samples

Setting up a Shopify store is an easy process for tech-savvy individuals. Even if you are not one of them, you can easily ask any Shopify development agency to set up a digital shop for you. However, it is only up to you who can Free is a word that is an attraction in itself. Try to blend it with your online services or products. For instance, if you are dealing in cosmetics, you can offer some free samples of a little quantity of product (say moisturizer) to a user already purchasing from you. This way you are making your customers feel special and also, promoting your other products as well.

3. Go Mobile

Mobile technology is full of a myriad of growth opportunities. As consumers tend to spend a major portion of their time with smartphones. Mobile app development is a rapidly growing segment of the global mobile market. As there are more mobile users than desktops, it has become crucial for any digital vendor to own a mobile-friendly website or a mobile app. In addition to an easy and convenient approach, it also allows you to use device built-in features to enhance the default offerings.

4. Listen to your audience

Talking about UX, it is not limited to offering a simplified checkout on Shopify store or responsive & pixel-perfect web interface provided by Shopify theme development agency. Indeed, it involves maintaining a healthy relationship with your consumers. Customer is the king of the digital world and should be treated like one always. Today’s consumers are quite filthy in terms of options to choose from. You can never be alone to sell in a specific industry. There will be a lot of other retailers involved. So, you need to be tactful while beating the competition. Try to serve your customers with the best in terms of support, products, and handling their queries.

Don’t just focus on the existing customers. Help the visitors as well with their concerns via a Live Chat etc.
Take the help of technology like AI-powered tools, Reach out to customers’ comfort zone (if they send you an email, try to address via the same medium instead of crushing them with phone calls or messages), and follow a Proactive approach.

5. Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the process of inventory storage, collecting, and packing products and finally shipping online placed orders to customers’ delivery addresses. With exploding competition, it has become essential for retailers to look for alternate ways to offer the best of product deliveries on time and cost-effectively.

Choosing a speedy delivery of your products is very important for any kind of digital vendor. A modern and cloud-based approach to the whole order fulfillment process is a must.

Wrapping Up

Having a competitive strategy is important to run an online Shopify store. Though there is no specific rule for its success, still you can make your roots stronger with the help of the above-mentioned tips.