How To Get Flight Discounts on Spirit Airlines?

How To Get Flight Discounts on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines have been serving its customers with good services for many decades. But the prices of their tickets are quite high compared to the fare of other airlines. Whenever you make plans to fly out of the country and decided to make Spirit Airlines bookings, the prices of their tickets put your plan on hold. What if we tell you some of the best tricks to get amazing discounts on Spirit Airlines reservations? We have listed some of the best tricks you can use while making any reservations with Spirit Airlines. 

Best Ways To Get Discounts on Spirit Airlines Tickets

  1. Make the reservations in advance.

If you are booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, try to make your reservations at least two weeks before the departure date. The closer you get to the departure date, the higher prices you will get. This is because there are only a few seats left during this period and therefore most people are ready to pay a little higher price to book a seat and reach their destination on time. 

  1. Book your tickets on

It is highly recommended to make your reservations from the official website of Spirit Airlines. If you make the bookings from their mobile app or any other website, you will see a noticeable difference in the fare of the same ticket. 

  1. Apply coupon when booking the flight.

Even if you have Spirit Airlines coupons, it might get difficult for you to apply them while making Spirit Airlines Reservations, but it’s better to try than give up completely. In case you are looking for the coupons of the airlines, you can look for them in the newsletter of the airlines available on their website. 

  1. Purchase 2 tickets for a one-way journey.

If you are planning o travel for long hours(more than 12 hours), try to book two tickets and find a stop between your departure and arrival locations. If you are ready to take a bit of trouble, this can save you a lot of money. 

  1. Try to go easy on your baggage.

Carrying extra baggage will add to the fare of your booking. Try to pack as little as you can. This way, you can save a lot of money on your baggage and your Spirit Airlines Booking. In case you have you carry the extra luggage with you, try to purchase it before your check-in. This way, you might get a little concession on your baggage. 

  1. Fly to Fort Lauderdale with another carrier. 

In case Spirit Airlines does not provide services in your location or does not have flights for your destination, fly to Fort Lauderdale with another carrier and then fly with Spirit Airlines to your destination. Spirit Airlines provides great deals from Fort Lauderdale.

  1. Buy membership when it’s worth it.

Spirit Airlines have a discount club of their own with an annual fee of $59.99. You can join this club if you think that the cost of the membership is worthwhile to you. If you do not travel with Spirit Airlines frequency, we would not recommend buying the membership.

Also, if you have purchased the membership and do not want to continue with it, make sure you cancel the subscription before the membership ends. Otherwise, the fee will be automatically deducted from your registered bank account.

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