ensoniq SQ80 editor

Voice bank       editor



• CTRL Panel for ensoniq SQ80, (maybe compatible with ESQ1 and ESQm, but not tested).

• Voice editing, all parameters except Split/Layer.

• Bank page with dedicated buttons for internal voices only (no cartridge support).

configure midi IN/OUT in ctrl menu to receive voice name and settings.

• Save and rename edited voices must be done from the synth itself.


2 steps MUST be done in the ensoniq to receive midi parameter changes

every time you turn power on.


• Enable Sysex Exclusive  (MIDI page, ENABLE = KEYS + CT + PC + SS + SX).

This setting is not held in memory when power off.

• Press one of the voice editing buttons (OSC, DCA, ENV, FILTER…..)


Built with Ctrl version 5.3.85





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