Roland VR700 V-Combo EDITOR v1.02 (Windows, MacOSX, Linux)

Panel EDITOR for Roland VR700 V-Combo stage organs

06/2021: Announcement: v.1.01.3 is in preparation with bugfixes, adjustments and new features (reworked V-SYNTH with 80 ‘identified’ MFX, songbook integration, ex/import of syx-files, reworked coupling of VR-Favorite<>Editor-registrations, integrated help menus, …). Release date: mid 2021.

03/2019:  v1.01(2)   MINOR BUGFIX VERSION  :  see DOWNLOAD section 


VR700 V-COMBO EDITOR is an application running on MS Windows (XP – 10),  OSX and Linux to control the Roland VR700 in studio or on stage (it has no proper sounds – it’s just a controller-editor!). Besides a comfortable user interface, it extends the sound capabilities of the VR (integration of parameters like envelope/filter, access to ‘hidden features’ of the VR700 etc), adds its own registration, integrates/modifies VR hardware controls etc.

VR700 EDITOR @ CTRLR is fully reactive to touch displays (for usage live on stage)

EDITOR features:

  • Direct access to VR700 sounds and parameters instead of painful menu diving in the WDOAT (worst display of all times)
  • Hammond style organ with 2 (touch-reactive) drawbar sets and (customizable) presets
  • Organ preset switching in Hammond-style (‘black keys’) using low left hand VR-keys
  • Additional effects for ensemble sounds (filter, ADR envelope, vibrato, special FX …)
  • Free choice of the per-sound MFX-EFFECT + controls of MFX parameters (equal to VR760)
  • Extended rhythm control (change of drum kit and drum sound manipulation)
  • EDITOR registration (independent from VR favorites) : 2048 registrations, custom naming, saving of additional EFX (like envelope, filter, extended rhythm control, vibrato, etc)
  • EDITOR single sound registration : fast ‘workflow’ register to ‘backup’ single ensemble sounds (e.g. your modified pianos, enhanced strings etc)
  • Coupling between VR-Favorits and EDITOR-registrations:
    • VR-Favorites can be switched by the EDITOR user interface
    • EDITOR registrations can be switched with the VR700-Favorite buttons and/or footswitch
    • EDITOR registrations and VR-Favorites can be switched with an external program/controller
  • Footswitch configurator (for stage use – no menu diving …)
  • Synthesizer work mode : organ drawbars and GAIN+REVERB knob act as ADR envelope and filter faders.
  • enhanced EQUALIZER
  • UPG file editor for reordering the favorites in Favorite backup (“UPG”) files
  • Built in sequencer (Win only) and external program launcher
  • Compatible to VR700 keyboard firmware v.1.01
  • Recommended software: Windows + CTRLR v5.4.29 (no newer!), OSX + CTRLR v53.198, Linux: (?)



Download  VR700 EDITOR PANEL v1.01.2 for CTRLR platform

[CTRLR for Windows] : CTRLR platform needed to run the ‘panel’

[CTRLR for OSX (MacOS)] : CTRLR platform needed to run the ‘panel’

Download  Interactive DOCUMENT for VR700 EDITOR 

[V-ComboEditor.exe] : STANDALONE EDITOR for Windows-64bit (needs no installation of CTRLR platform)

[TechnoToys Omega]  : ‘oldschool’ software pack containing arp, sequencer, drumbox (see Editor external program launcher)

Version history:
v01.01.2 03/2019: MINOR BUFIX VERSION (crash when setting midi-channel for V-Link) v01.01.1 01/2019: INITIAL RELEASE v01.01.0 12/2018: beta prototpe


This panel can only get better if you report the bugs you encounter. You are also invited to propose your ideas and feature requests and ask for help (please if possible use youtube for communicaton)


This is free software but if you like to donate, feel free to contact me, I’ll send you a paypal address.


V-KEYBOARD (main) section:

V-ORGAN section:

V-ORGAN section, 2 drawbarsets

V-SYNTH section:


KBD-CONFIG section:

UPG-Editor section:

Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo SYNTH v1.12 (Windows, MacOSX, Linux)

Panel SYNTH for Roland VR09 and VR730 V-Combo stage organs

01/2019: HOTFIX  v. 1.12(9) : fixed: DEL-BUTTON of SYNTHESIZER-registration destroys the registration FILE

 SEE DOWNLOAD section 

INFO: see also classical panel V-Combo EDITOR  for stage & studio usage of VR

Video tutorials on youtube:   [SYNTH  v1.12(8)]   [EDITOR  setup, usage]

Documentation (from Raymond)  :   [V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL]

  • Working area optimzed for big monitors for simultaneous control of all three partials
  • Reduced number of voices (only 2 in upper manual) compared to EDITOR
  • Sound-patch selector reduced to synthesizable sounds
  •  Integrated simple arpeggio-sequencer ‘ARP SEQ’ (MS-Windows only) to help sound editing
  • Quick lauchner for CopperLan (needed for the sequencer)
  • Patch registration shared with V-Combo EDITOR
  • Applicable documentation (from Raymond)  : V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL

There will be regular feature and bugfix updates . Check this site from time to time.

Bugreports and ideas/wishes/change requests etc are highly appreciated ?


Download  SYNTH v1.12.9  (01/19): SYNTH panel for CTRLR

[V-ComboSYNTH.exe] : standalone SYNTH for Windows-64bit (needs no installation of CTRLR platform)

v1.12.8 01/2019: hotfix
v1.12.8 08/2018: inital version

MAIN panel:


SEQUENCER (builtin):

Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo EDITOR v1.12 (Windows, MacOSX, Linux)

Panel EDITOR for Roland VR09 and VR730 V-Combo stage organs

01/2021:  minor release  v1.12.12 ‘2021-NYE’ :  enhanced built-in help (including graphics), enhanced V-PIano (‘damper noise’), subtle improvements for V-Organ, ATELIER and upg-Editor. Bugfixes


INFO: see also panel V-Combo SYNTH: optimzied usage of VR-synthesizer for large monitors

Video tutorials on youtube:  [EDITOR  setup, usage]   [EDITOR  GeneralMidi setup]   [EDITOR  v1.12(8) update]

Documentation (from Raymond)  :   [V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL]

  • Access to more than 1000 ‘hidden’ sounds of the VR09/730 not accessible via the keyboard:
    • Roland ATELIER concert organ sounds (ca. 500)
    • ‘hidden’ keyboard sounds (> 100 accoustic instruments and synth sounds)
    • standard GM2 sounds (ca. 250) + additional GM-sounds (> 500  acoustic + synths)
    • save of ‘hidden’ sounds to VR-registration banks for use without laptop/tablet
  • Increased timbrality from 2 (VR without EDITOR) to 9 voices and 26 (!) with GM2 (new in v1.12.11)
  • Multi-Zone setup (up to 4 splitted or layered zones) for the VR keyboard (new in v1.12.11)
  • Editor/organizer  for VR registration sets using VR *.upg-files from usb-stick
  • Software VA synthesizer ‘V-SYNTH’ (like Roland Jupiter-80, SH-01 GAIA, VR-iPad app)
  • MIDI Mapper for various live  controls (V-SYNTH patch load, VR-sysex to CC mapping, etc)  (new in v1.12.11)
  • Builtin rhythm sound control
  • Additional ‘undocumented’ sound controls for software synthesizer, keyboard sounds and GM2-sounds
  • EDITOR patch registration for sounds edited with V-SYNTH and/or EFX
  • Hammond style organ with 2 drawbar sets and (customizable) presets
  • Live-play of the GM2-sounds using a midi-toolchain or 2nd keyboard
  • Direct access of parameters instead of menu-diving on the VR keyboard
  • Tutorial in English and German. Video tutorial on youtube, in-app help popups
  • Integrated context based help popups and QuickHelp menu (new in v1.12.10/11)
  • Compatible to Roland keyboard firmware v.1.12 (VR09, VR09B, VR730)
  • Recommended CTRLR: Windows: Ctrlr-5.4.29.exe ; OSX: Ctrlr-5.3.198.dmg ; Linux: ? Do not use newer version!
  • Documentation (from Raymond)  : V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL 

This is the continued development of Mauros initial VR-Combo panel (mille grazie Mauro!) . There will be regular feature and bugfix updates . Check this site from time to time.

Bugreports and ideas/wishes/change requests etc are highly appreciated. Please use the youtube vids for communication. Eventually use the VR09/730 facebook group or EDITOR youtube channel for requests.


!! WARNING !! BEFORE LOADING A NEW PANEL INTO CTRLR, CLOSE THE OLD ONE(S).   Otherwise you a) risk to block the midi ports (MS Windows) and b) suffer from a bulk popup of +100 ‘info’ and file browser windows: if this happens, wait until it stops, close all popups, then close all panel instances in CTRLR (it’s a CTRLR bug with yet no solution)

Download EDITOR v1.12.12  (01/21): EDITOR panel for CTRLR + soundexamples

[CTRLR for Windows] : CTRLR platform needed to run the ‘panel’

[CTRLR for OSX (MacOS)] : CTRLR platform needed to run the ‘panel’

[V-ComboEditor.exe] : standalone EDITOR for Windows-64bit (needs no installation of CTRLR platform)

Download   : instrument definition files for CUBASE
Download   : instrument definition .ins-file for V-ARRANGER

[TechnoToys Omega]  : ‘oldschool’ software package with arp, sequencer, drumbox (for Editor external program launcher)

Version history:
v1.12.12 01/2021: More builtin-Help, V-Piano, V-Organ, ATELIER, upg-Editor, bugfixes
v1.12.11 04/2020: STAGE view, multi-zones, 2 bass voices, MIDIMapper, V-Piano, QuickHelp
v1.12.10 12/2019: Version info, EXPERT/NOVICE mode, PCM-waveforms, V-Piano, sounds load with MFX
v1.12.9 01/2019: HOTFIX (DEL synthesizer-registration)
v1.12.8 08/2018: Timbrality, 'hidden' sounds and controls, rhythm control, program launcher +performance&bugfixes
v1.12.7 05/2018: EDITOR registration, SYNTHESIZER upgrade, V-ORGAN "Hammond style",  +performance&bugfixes
v1.12.6 04/2018: new Look, enhanced upg/registration editor, added controls, improved performance, bugfixes
v1.12.5 02/2018: HOTFIX for wrong registration order in upg-editor. UM1/UM2 VCE/SYN now fully parallel
v1.12.4 02/2018: added: upg/registration editor, drumsets, improved workspace, bugfixes
v1.12.3 01/2018: added: patch registers, selector for VR-Key sounds, controls. Improved workspace.
v1.12.2 12/2017: modified panel surface, del. KBD/GM2-Tabulator, moved GM2 to main-tabulator
v1.12.1 12/2017: initial beta version
planned: -

what you’ll never experience sans V-Combo Editor 🙂

STAGE section:

V-ORGAN section:

V-SYNTH section:



GM2 section:

UPG-Editor section:

KBD-CONFIG section: