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Online video interview software is specifically designed to screen a lot of applicants at the same time automatically and shortlist the most suitable candidates for in-person interviews based on job descriptions working remotely. Video interviewing tool helps you leave feedback and review &score the applicants from afar at your convenience and reduces the need for in-person interviews in the hiring practices. A pre-recorded video interview platform helps you streamline your interview schedule and structure your complete hiring better than a traditional hiring practice.  Due to its top-notch and automated features that make hiring comprehensive and faster, the digital hiring platform is increasingly becoming popular among businesses over the years.

Integrating a video interview tool into your HR team would help you schedule a complete interview round in limited hiring resources and save valuable time and budget for the businesses. It allows recruiters to use their extra time to dig deeper into a shortlisted candidate and ensure quality hires.

How digital interview platform makes it easy to hire star talent

Using a digital platform widens the scope of recruiters to select desired talent for the company and enables them to connect with worldwide talent crossing the geographical constraints.  An online interviewing platform helps you maintain your hiring working remotely and make hiring more effective and affordable than ever before. On-demand video interviewing tool like Jobma allows you to interview applicants online and reduces the need for in-person contact at the initial hiring stages. It safeguards your HR team and applicants from coronavirus and helps you enrich your workflow even in uncertainty caused by the drastic effect of the covid pandemic. Here let’s see how a video interviewing tool can help you hire star talent remotely:

Increase access to the candidates 24*7:  Using an online recruiting software connects you with the worldwide talent pool, smooth interaction with them, and help you select the right fit among them working remotely. It allows recruiters to leave feedback and review & score the candidate’s responses from afar sitting at home and makes recruitment practices more convenient than ever.  No matter where you or your applicants are, with a digital interviewing platform, you can record interview questions once for all, and the candidates can record responses from wherever and whenever they want.

Brings hiring automation: With an on-demand video interview, you can quickly screen millions of candidates based on the job description, structure your interview schedules, and reviews& score the candidates quickly without affecting the quality of hire that is not possible through traditional hiring. With a virtual hiring platform, you can make your interviews asynchronous and share candidates’ responses through ATS in a single click.

Streamline your interview schedule: Video recruiting software automatically screens applicants, prepared the list of candidates suitable for the position, and helps you bring all the hiring stakeholders in your talent acquisition department on a single virtual platform. It makes coordination convenient and fosters a better hiring decision. Using a digital hiring solution, you could make your recruitment data-backed and hire a star talent for the position. 

Insightful evaluation: You can analyze non-verbal expressions, personality, and soft skills and check out whether a candidate is or isn’t suitable for the company effectively using a video interviewing tool and scan applicants in detail before calling them in for an interview.

Are you a recruiter and looking for an effective hiring tool to boost your HR team performance? If so, Jobma would ease your task. It is specifically built to make your recruitment practices more effective and enables you to maintain your hiring amid the covid pandemic..

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