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telegram guide

Is telegram better than WhatsApp?

Whatsapp vs. Telegram: This Chatting App Can Keep Your Chats Private. … Even though WhatsApp is extremely popular among users, Telegram’s features such as secret messaging, self-destructing messages, and encrypted backups are gaining attention.

Why is Telegram so popular?

Over the past week, Signal and Telegram channels have been downloaded by tens of millions, making them the hottest apps in the world. … Telegram offers some encrypted messaging options, but is primarily known for its group chat rooms, where people can discuss a variety of topics

Why is everyone using telegram?

With the Telegram web series channel, privacy is paramount, and it isn’t dependent on larger companies like Facebook. Telegram’s enhanced use of cloud services explains this. … Thus, Telegram is much more extensible than other chat apps like WhatsApp, because you can access them from any connected device

What can we do in telegram?

Cool and Best Telegram Messenger Tricks for 2020

  1. Creating a chat folder. …
  2. People and groups nearby can be added. …
  3. You can edit sent messages. …
  4. Silent messages can be sent. …
  5. Message scheduling. …
  6. Sender’s message should be deleted. …
  7. Normal chats can self-destruct the media. …
  8. Video editing.

What is a Telegram web series?

In addition to finding the right channels, you can download web series and movies from Telegram channels. All paid content providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji, Voot, Hotstar, Zee5, Ulli, etc. are available on Telegram channels for free download.

Can we see movies on telegram?

You can share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files (docs, zips, mp3, etc.) with Telegram… There is also the option of downloading movies and web series on Telegram. Videos and movies can be downloaded from Telegram quite easily; you need to find the download link for each file and then download it

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