Best Baby Shoes – Find the Perfect Pair for Your Toddler


You need to consider several factors for purchasing a perfect pair of shoes for your baby. Your baby will need shoes as soon as she talks about her first step. If your baby has just started to walk, then you should get the right baby shoes to make walking easy for your baby.

But how do you know which baby shoes are right? 

Well, that is what we are here for. We shall tell you how you can select a perfect pair of shoes for your baby along with some of the best wholesale baby shoes available in the market. 

This guide will also help if you want to stock baby shoes from wholesale marketplaces. So without further ado, let’s check how you should purchase baby shoes from the retail or wholesale platform:

Before moving to the best baby shoes available in the market, let’s understand what factors you should consider before buying baby shoes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Shoes

You should be mindful of the following things while choosing shoes for your baby and toddler:

  • Baby Shoes Soles

You should make sure that the baby shoes’ soles are flexible and non-slip. A perfect pair of baby shoes would easily bend up to 40 degrees. Baby shoes with soft and flexible soles will make it easier for your baby to walk. 

You should also ensure that the baby shoe soles are made with nonskid leather or rubber to protect the babies from slipping on the floor. Baby shoes with grooves and bumps are more likely to keep your baby from slipping. 

  • Padding 

You should purchase baby shoes with padding on the heel, back, and around the ankles. Baby shoes with inside padding minimize rubbing and provide comfort to your baby’s feet.

  • Secure Closure

Another thing that you should check while buying baby shoes is extra secure closure. Whether the baby shoe is fastened with snaps, laces, or Velcro, make sure that they are easy to put on but do not come to lose on their own. 

You should avoid easy-on easy-off baby shoes as they may cause walking accidents to your baby. You can see the following tips that will help you keep the babies’ shoes on their feet:

  • Make sure that you choose baby shoes that do not leave marks when you remove them.
  • You should buy shoes that adjust the baby’s feet perfectly.
  • You should also try to buy a pair of shoes that your baby would love to wear.

Now that you know what factors you should consider while buying baby shoes, let’s see some of the best baby shoes in the market below:

  1. Stride Rite Soft Motion Mason Sneakers

These baby shoes are approved by APMA and are one of the best in the market. These shoes come with a hook and loop closure, making them easy to put on without getting loose. The best features of these shoes include rubber soles with memory foam, flexibility, and fun patterns.

  1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cribster Shoes

These stylish baby shoes are made with a flexible canvas fabric along with a terry cloth insole. You can find these shoes with Velcro and laces closure. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Cribster Shoes are perfect for babies who have just started walking.

  1. See Kai Run Stevie II

See Kai Run is one of the most popular brands when it comes to baby products. This particular baby shoe model is approved by American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). You can find these baby shoes in several styles and colors. 

  1. Carter’s Kids Glen Sneaker

Carter’s Kids Glen Sneaker comes with an adjustable strap and a sweet rainbow arch across the top. These baby shoes are made with flexible outer soles and hook-and-loop closure. The best thing about these baby shoes is that they come with sensory insoles.

  1. Momo Baby Boys Soft Sole Leather Bootie Shoes

Momo Baby Boys Soft Sole Leather Bootie Shoes are breathable, colorful, and handcrafted. These baby shoes are made with ventilated leather to keep your baby’s feet dry and cool. The elastic ankle bands will ensure your baby’s safety from slip-on and walking accidents.

Bottom Line

Every mother wants to select the best products when it comes to her baby. A good pair of baby shoes can make the walking process easier and more fun for your baby. However, you should know the important things to consider before purchasing baby shoes. We hope that the guidelines mentioned above will help you in getting the right pair of baby shoes.