The Most Common HVAC Problems Homeowners Face

While numerous HVAC problems are merely a matter of cleaning filters and coils, others can sometimes turn into something significant if not taken care of early. Most of these problems can be avoided and mitigated through regular maintenance and heating repair services in Palm Desert CA. It would be better to call a specialist to inspect your HVAC unit at least once a year to avoid malfunctions during extreme weather conditions. Repairs and replacements can be highly expensive, so avoiding any potential problems through frequent maintenance would be wise. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of some of the most HVAC problems so you can avoid them.

Here are some of the most commonly faced HVAC problems to look out for:

Heating Repair Services In Palm Desert CA For Lack Of Cooling And Heating

Cooling systems need refrigerant, a fluid ingredient that is vital for the elimination of hotness and making cool air. The equipment won’t cool efficiently when the system loses refrigerant through theft or leaks. 

Usually, a refill or a refrigerant recharge can be good to restore the system’s functionality to cool. However, inadequate refrigerant is one of the most common HVAC issues, which sometimes necessitates air conditioning installation services Palm Desert CA. The evaporator spirals on an air conditioner can freeze over, emerging a dense coating of ice that inhibits the equipment’s capability to cool. Merely melting the coils and eradicating the accumulated ice is generally enough to make the system cool again.

Dirty Filters

You might be wondering that despite having the best and latest air conditioning system inside your home, why it’s not functioning the way it should. Usually, it’s because you neglect to change and clean your filters frequently. You might have to hire heating repair services in Palm Desert CA, sooner than later as dirty filters can cause the furnace to overheat and shut off on high limits. Moreover, dirty filters can put unnecessary stress on your furnace’s blower and may result in comfort problems. Perhaps you can enhance the lifespan and efficiency of your furnace by replacing your filters regularly.


The compressor is responsible for supplying energy to the refrigerant and pushes it through the coils to fulfill heat exchange. The air conditioning system won’t cool your home if the compressor isn’t functioning. The compressor will not heat your property and will ultimately seize when there’s not sufficient refrigerant. However, when there is too much refrigerant, it will return to the compressor, resulting in an unexpected failure.

Loss Of Efficiency

The HVAC system in your home can cause a significant spike in your regular cooling and heating bills, particularly when it loses efficiency. That is because the unit functions stiffer to make up for the loss. Therefore, whenever you notice a sudden increase in your monthly electricity bills, call a specialist to come and inspect your unit. Moreover, another reason to call the professional is that you could need air conditioning installation services Palm Desert CA. Such problems can quickly escalate when you overlook them.

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