The Role of Modern Technologies in Education

The technological advancement of recent years has impacted different aspects of our lives, from personal usage to workplace usage and the impact in the various sectors. Education is not an exception to this advancement. 

Education now is not the way it was many years ago, and most of the change is down to technology. Modern classrooms have also changed from what they used to be. Instead of hard-cover books, technological devices and screens are in place. Like other sectors, technology is making its mark on education, and it is essential to highlight the crucial role of modern technologies in modern education. 

Gone are the days when teachers only depended on chalk and blackboard and lacked the adequate tools to teach the students effectively. The learning process was not easy or fun for the students. The teachers were the primary source of information and stood in front of the class to teach. This learning process prevailed for many years, but it is passive for the students. 

However, the introduction of technology to education has made the learning process more active for the students. The process has also gone from being teacher-centered to being student-centered. The need to focus on the students rather than the teacher drives this change, and the responsibility to learn is now on the student. This breaks the over-dependence on overworked teachers and breaks the students out of their shells. The process is now more fun, informal, engaging, and interactive for the students. It also instills a sense of independence in them from an early stage. So, the introduction of technology in education didn’t only change how teachers delivered their lessons, but how the students learn as well. 

Also, according to some resume services, the advent of online resources and online classes has made education more accessible to many people across the world. 

How technology benefits education

The use of technology in education has several benefits. Here are a few of them:

●  The learning environment is more interactive and engaging

Technology encourages increased participation of students in classrooms. Students are more active during learning. For instance, it may be more intimidating for some students to talk in front of the classroom, but they are more emboldened to speak in an online class. They become more comfortable expressing themselves in discussions or writing. 

●  Improves collaboration 

According to Careersbooster, the use of technology helps to increase the level of collaboration among students. In lecture-based classes, the students are passive and watch the teacher disseminate information they do not get to retain. However, the improved collaboration through technology helps them to retain more information. 

●  Incorporating different learning styles

Every student has a learning style that works best for them. So creating a lesson plan to incorporate different learning styles was a problem for teachers, but not anymore. With technology, different learning styles can be adopted in the classroom to learn by hearing, visualizing, discussing, etc. The technology ensures that teachers are more creative in their manner of teaching.

●  Students are more motivated to learn.

Unlike the boring traditional classroom where students are subjected to hours of listening and get to learn passively, technology ensures that learning is more fun. The interactive and engaging nature of learning with technology motivates the students to want to continue learning. This is because they are active and enjoying the process. 

Technology encourages active learning. In traditional learning, students sit down through the class, bored and probably sleepy (which can make them lose motivation since they are not learning much). However, the reverse is the case with technology. They are the ones taking the initiative, so they are more involved and motivated to continue. 

●  Self-paced learning

As stated in a writer at cv writing service, the schools’ rigid schedules were challenging for students to follow, yet the students didn’t have a choice. However, with technology, that rigidity is reduced. Students can now learn at their own pace with technology. 

Technology has opened the door for self-paced learning, which has helped many students worldwide. For instance, many people that lack the resources and time for a university degree can get an online degree with self-paced online learning. 

Technology also helps teachers compile curriculum and create programs to meet the individual needs of their students and enhance their learning.


Technology has revolutionized education from what it used to be. Thanks to technology, learning has gone from a boring, passive task to an engaging, interactive, and fun-filled activity. 

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