Top 21 Drupal Interview Questions & Answers (2021 Update)

1) Explain what is Drupal?

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS). It’s an open source content and free CMS system written in PHP. It empowers you to sort out, oversee and distribute content effortlessly and accompanies an assortment of customization choice.

2) Why Drupal is viewed as amazing CMS contrast with different CMS framework?

Utilizing content development unit Drupal permits you to make various substance types with no programming abilities. Furthermore, for each content sort it permits tweak topic format. You can have an article, story, slideshow, content sort, etc.

3) Mention what are the vital highlights of Drupal?

There are two key highlights of Drupal

Transfer Module: It empowers clients to append various sorts of documents to hub kinds of your enjoying.

Implanting: It empowers to install media inside hubs that are facilitated on your sites.

4) Explain how reserving work in Drupal?

Through reserving Drupal permits to accelerate site utilizing distinctive setup like page storing, block reserving and lifetime for stored pages.

Page Caching: It empowers the whole HTML of each page to be put away in the data set. It lessens the measure of questions required

Square Caching: You can set the reserve setting for a square in sees, when square made by sees

Least reserve lifetime: It is the measure of time before the page store is cleared. On each cron run, page reserves are cleared.

Termination of reserved pages: It just applies for an outside component, for instance, your program store or stain


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5) What is a fix?

A fix is a document that contains a rundown of contrasts between one bunch of records, and another. Through patches, every one of the progressions in code like augmentations or erasures to Drupal center can be made. Additionally, patches can be utilized to make changes to another duplicate of the first or fundamental document.

6) What do PDO mean?

PDO implies PHP Data Object; it’s anything but a lean and reliable approach to get to data sets. It permits designers to compose convenient code easily.

7) Explain how information base arrangement of Drupal functions?

In a data set Drupal stores data, and every data has its own information base table. For instance, the fundamental data in regards to the hubs of your site are put away and kept in the hub table, and in the event that you utilize the CCK module to add fields to your hubs, the field data is put away in a different table.

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8) Name probably the most normally utilized PHP based CMSs?

A portion of the usually utilized PHP are





9) What is DRUSH in Drupal?

DRUSH is an order line shell and UNIX prearranging interface for Drupal

10) Explain what is module in Drupal? Rundown out a portion of the modules utilized in Drupal?

Modules resemble module for your site. It permits you to add various capacities to your site like surveys, contact structures and search fields. A portion of the modules suggested are






11) Explain what Drupal disseminations is and when to utilize?

Dispersions are full duplicates of Drupal, which incorporates Drupal Core, alongside extra programming as modules, subjects, libraries and establishment profiles. You can utilize circulations for

Assessing Drupal

Demoing Drupal

Learning Drupal

Rapidly restricting Site

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12) List out the SEO modules accessible in Drupal?

A portion of the SEO modules accessible in Drupal are


Meta labels/Node words

Administration Links

Google Analytics

Related Links

Search 404

Site map

Url list

13) Explain what is Drupal weight?

The term Drupal weight is utilized to depict the need or request wherein the capacity is handled, or block/hub is shown.

A heavier (+10) loads will seem lower in records while a lower weight (- 10) will buoy to the highest point of records.

14) Explain what is Drupal cron?

To execute orders or scripts naturally at determined time and date spans, you need to utilize Drupal cron.

15) Why Drupal needs information base? What data sets are upheld?

Drupal stores its data in the information base like individual pages, enrolled clients, etc. For your Drupal site, information base structures the back end; it upholds MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and in Drupal 7, SQLite.

16) Explain what is render cluster in Drupal?

For Drupal content render exhibits are the fundamental structure blocks. In Drupal, render clusters give you an organized method to automatically change the substance before it is shown.

17) Explain what is the utilization of Ctools in Drupal?

This suite is a bunch of APIs and instruments, and it makes simpler to deal with AJAX demands and instruct the customer with them.

18) What are the records needed for topic and module?

Drupal utilizes .data records to store metadata about topics and modules.

The records needed for

Topic: style.css , page.tpl.php , template.php, block.tpl.php

Module: , modulename.module , discretionary modulename.install

19) Explain utilizing module how you can drop the table?

To drop the table you can utilize db_drop_table in introduce document.

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20) What are the interpretations accessible in Drupal?

Drupal is converted into all well known dialects including

  1. Catalan
  2. French
  3. Hungarian
  4. Dutch

21) Does Drupal offers help?

Like with all open-source projects there is no business support accessible. However, there is an immense online local area for Drupal accessible through Forums and IRC online visit who are more than anxious to answer your questions.

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