Top 6 Best Mobile Applications for Text Translation

Due to the development of constructive applications, mobile phone use is growing at a breakneck pace. Without a doubt, the contemporary era is one of the mobile worlds. Every person, regardless of gender, age, culture, or language, uses these smart devices. India’s mobile application business is also booming. Companies are creating an increasing number of programs and apps for Android and Mac users.

As you can see, Indians speak thousands of languages in various parts of the country. Through smartphones, there is software that enables users to converse in their native languages. These apps provide an intuitive user interface that automatically transforms text from English to native scripts to provide the best possible user experience.

Here is a list of a few mobile applications that actively work on text translations; now, let’s have a look at them.

Amar Bangla

It is an enthralling smartphone application that is now in use and rapidly gaining popularity among Bengalis. If you wish to type text in the Bengali language in 2021, this is the most dependable app available on the Google Play Store. It is an entirely secure keyboard that is only 4 MB in size. The software gets excellent ratings and reviews due to its simple UI that instantly transforms text from English to Bangla. The Amar Bangla mobile application is entirely free to download and use.

This app is also compatible with social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram. For example, if you have a friend on Facebook from West Bengal, you can text Bengali using this app.

Google Indic Keyboard

The flexible application that you may get from your Android Play Store allows you to type in a language other than English. It supports over ten scripts, including Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Punjabi. This tool enables you to compose text messages, emails, and contact names for storage in the phone’s internal memory. It provides accurate suggestions for the correct words for each dialect, as well as for repeated words. This tool has unique features and allows for effortless typing in local languages.

Panini Keypad

Whether you use an Android or an iPhone, you can download this program that will make typing in your native tongue a true pleasure. This mobile application’s layout is quite handy for touch-screen and keypad phones. The program is relatively straightforward to use since it features a simple design that allows users to begin typing immediately after picking their preferred language. This application is beneficial for typing in Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and Kannada. This tool is entirely free to use.

ISM Malayalam mobile app

It is an excellent innovation by C-DAC that allows you to switch between English and Malayalam. You can switch to this app whenever you feel the need to compose text in Malayalam. It is an entirely safe tool that is simple to use. The phonetics keyboard included in this program converts English text to Malayalam automatically using Unicode fonts. You can even type in ISM Malayalam on social media platforms. This software has a high user rating and is a popular utility that is completely free to use.

Kruti dev typing

You can download the Kruti dev typing software for Hindi typing on your mobile phone. It is available for download from the Google Play Store and supports both Hindi and English typing. Thanks to its automated converting method, the program is easy to use, and it is entirely free to download. It is a user-friendly tool that may also be used for competitive exam preparation. You can get it to enjoy an enjoyable typing experience when typing from English to Hindi or Hindi to English.

Punjabi English keyboard

Punjabi language may now be written flawlessly on mobile phones using the Punjabi English keyboard. It’s completely free to download on an Android phone and is a breeze to use. This program is free to download and has bilingual English and Punjabi keyboards.

Final Verdict

Translation for mobile apps is a complex process in and of itself, as built-in functions have numerous constraints. Utilizing these apps is a genuinely intuitive method of achieving impressive and simple text generation in various Indian languages.

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