uiXYSurface properties

Firstly many thanks Atom for Ctrlr. Really am enjoying being able to knock up VST’s to control my equipment. Much appreciated.

AS a noob, I am struggling to get to the properties and methods for uiXYSurface. I have tried the following but cannot get to the X and Y modulator methods/properties for this component:

mod = panel:getModulatorByName(“xyMod1”)

com = mod:getComponent()

what (mod)

what (com)

Ultimatley I want to be able to set X and Y coords as part of a modulation sequencer using a timer (timer looks straightforward) as I already have combo boxes nicely linked to the X and Y axis to control two parameters at a time .

Can anyone please tell me how can i get to retrieve and set these values for this class/component?

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