VanMoofVanMoof just announced the VanMoof V, the company’s first high-speed electric bike capable of hitting a top speed of 60km/h (37mph). That’s much faster than VanMoof’s current e-bikes, which are capped at 25km/h in Europe and 20mph in the US, and well beyond what local laws currently allow.

Vanmoof is launching the pedal-assisted V today as a challenge to lawmakers and city planners to rethink outmoded regulations and start putting the needs of people ahead of cars.

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The V’s chiseled design still delivers the oft-imitated VanMoof aesthetic, only now it’s applied to a muscular e-bike fitted with motors in both the front and rear wheel hubs and powered by a hulking 700Wh battery. This allows for longer rides that are softened by oversized tires and a front and rear suspension attached to a “robust” aluminum frame. It also features signature VanMoof touches like a Turbo Boost button, automatic shifting, and a keyless kick lock among the anti-theft and recovery tech we’re used to seeing on the company’s e-bikes.

And just like VanMoof’s regular commuter e-bikes, there’s no throttle on the pedal-assisted V, and the battery can’t be removed for charging. It will, however, be offered with a PowerBank range extender option.

The VanMoof V will initially be sold in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, the US, and Japan for $3,498/€3,498/£3,498. That’s not cheap until you compare it with the price of a car that these sturdy electric commuter bikes can replace. It also undercuts category darling Stromer, whose fast European e-bikes start at about €4,500 and run over €10k, and offers a more sophisticated alternative to US brands like Super73, Juiced, and RadPower.

We’re not seeing much in the way of detailed specs being announced today. That’s because the VanMoof V is still in development, with first deliveries not planned until “late 2022.” And in true VanMoof fashion, I’m told that all the new components are being developed in-house. Nevertheless, current VanMoof owners can get in line now by reserving their VanMoof V for $20/€20/£20 a pop. Reservation codes will be shared with the general public “periodically” via a waitlist.

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